X-Men Blue Epilogue Teases Venomized Wolverine, Extermination & More

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #28 by Cullen Bunn, Marcus To, Rain Beredo and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

For the last few months, Marvel has been using the final pages of its comics to tease upcoming storylines and events. Though not a new technique, it was given a twist recently with the debut of the "Where Is Wolverine?" post-credits scenes in various titles, single-page chapters detailing Logan's journey across the Marvel Universe after his surprise resurrection in Marvel Legacy #1.

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The X-titles have been taking a similar approach for their upcoming Extermination event, telling a short story based in the future, stretched over several issues. X-Men Blue #28 offers less of a post-credits scene, though, and more a foreshadowing of threats set to play out in the series with a more traditional "What's Next?" style layout. The long and short of it is, though the original, time-displaced X-Men had their hands full with alternate reality Venoms and the Mothervine virus, what they are about to face next could literally be the end of the team.

Venomized May Not Yet Be Over

The first image shows that once the original X-Men reunite with Polaris, Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm, a set of familiar Wolverine-looking claws will be waiting for them. Of course, there are a few characters in the Marvel Universe who can unsheath a set of three claws from their fists, from the back-from-the-dead Wolverine to his older counterpart Old Man Logan. However, the first likely candidate is the team's feral member, Jimmy Hudson. The next story arc is titled "Apex Predator" and features the Ultimate Universe Wolverine stalking his teammates in a jungle, which looks similar to the landscape in the artwork above.

Of course, if you look very closely, there appears to be more going on with the mystery character. Parts of his skin and clothing look to be slithering across his body, in a similar fashion to the alien symbiotes called the Klyntar. The X-Men Blue team recently worked together with Venom in the "Poison-X" crossover, and the Venomized miniseries just concluded with a Wolverine-Venom hybrid sticking around in the Marvel Prime Universe. Another clue pointing to this being a Venomized Wolverine rather than Mr. Hudson is that both X-Men Blue and Venomized are written by Cullen Bunn.

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