X-Men Blue Writer Reveals Storylines Left on Cutting Room Floor


Following their arrival in the present day after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, the time-displaced versions of the original five X-Men starred in multiple books. Writer Cullen Bunn eventually took on the reins of the team as the writer on X-Men Blue, as the series tackled plenty of characters and corners of the Marvel Universe before the cast returned to their rightful place in the timeline during the events of the X-Men event, Extermination.

But it appears that Bunn didn't get the chance to tell all of the stories he wanted to with the original X-Men. Bunn has revealed the storylines that he would have touched on if his run had continued.

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Magneto and his new take on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would have received more attention, as well as a tragic take on Sabertooth falling back into his old villainous ways. "I had this larger story I wanted to tell about his fall back into villainy," Bunn wrote on Tumblr. "It was going to be something of a metaphor for Alzheimer's, which I lost my father to. It was a pretty horrifying and tragic story."

Bunn also revealed he would have explored Fantomex and the World, along with the growth of Jimmy Hudson as a full-blown anti-hero in his new Poison persona. He also revealed possibly the biggest change would have come to the time-displaced team, and their transition from X-Men to a new team of Exiles.

"My original pitch for the characters was that at the end of X-Men Blue they would leave the Marvel Universe… but they would get caught in the space/time stream and become the new Exiles."

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Marvel would eventually launch a new volume of Exiles last year by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Rodriguez.

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