X-Men Black Isn't A New Series - It's An Entire Line of Villain-Led Comics

when it was teased last week, fans understandably assumed x-men black was a new series starring magneto. after all, marvel is currently publishing three color-themed x-titles (though x-men blue and gold are nearing their final issues), so the idea that a new team led by the mutant master of magnetism just made sense.

this... was not the case.

at its x-men panel at san diego's comic-con international, marvel revealed that x-men black is actually an entire line of one-shot comics, rather than a single series, with each title headlined by a major mutant villain; each issue will feature back up stories focusing on apocalypse written by lonnie nadler and zac thompson.

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the line-up for x-men black consists of the following titles and creative teams:

  • magneto #1 – chris claremont / dalibor talajic
  • mojo #1 – scott auckerman / nick bradshaw
  • mystique #1 – seanan mcguire / marco failla
  • juggernaut #1 – robbie thompson / shawn crystal
  • emma frost #1 – leah williams / chris bachalo

check back with cbr in the days and weeks ahead for more information, interviews and art for x-men black.

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