Marvel Promises 'Hearts of Darkness' in New X-Men Black Series

Marvel has released a piece of teaser art by J. Scott Campbell for a new series called X-Men Black that will feature Magneto.

In recent issues of X-Men Blue, writer Cullen Bunn has been showing Magneto reverting more to the darker side of his personality. Magneto had previously embraced that side of himself in the Uncanny X-Men series that Bunn wrote where Magneto put together a team of "outlaw" X-Men, but he had seemed to have put away that side of himself as he had become the teacher for the original X-Men in X-Men Blue. However, recently he has gotten more out of hand in his quest for revenge against Emma Frost for her role in trying to use the Mothervine virus to experiment on mutants.

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The teaser notes only that it will involve "Hearts of Darkness" and that they will be revealing more information this Sunday, July 22nd at the X-Men Panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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With X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold coming to an end, X-Men Black will now join X-Men Red as Marvel's color-themed X-Men series.

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