X-Men: 5 Best Cyclops Costumes Ever ( & 5 Worst)

Cyclops was one of the first X-Men. He has been around since the first issue created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby all the way back in 1963. Since then, he has gone from being a leader to a husband and father, and even a killer. Cyclops has been in almost every X-Men comic, movie, and animated TV show, and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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While his costume has had some drastic changes, his trademark optic beam visor is always present. He wears the visor or sunglasses to keep his optic beams from destroying everything in sight. That said, the visor has had some varying changes as well. Here is X-Men: 5 Best Cyclops Costumes Ever ( & 5 Worst)

10 Worst: Hulklops

This iteration came during the World War Hulk special event. This issue of World War Hulk: Spider-Man vs Thor was written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Jorge Molina. This issue follows IceMan and Cyclops who are both Hulked out and hanging around the mall. What could go wrong, right?

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This costume is kind of just silly looking. One interesting detail is that his shirt is ripped in the form of an "X" which is very convenient for him. The head piece for this costume could be triggering for people with trypophobia. They might not even be able to finish the comic.

9 Best: Wolverine and the X-Men

The costume is from the animated series Wolverine and the X-men, which came out in 2009. In this series, the remaining X-Men have disbanded because of the tragic loss of Jean Grey and Professor Xavier. The series follows Wolverine, who is now on a mission to get the team back together.

This costume is very cool. It consists of the normal black uniform with some yellow accents for the belt. It also has the classic Cyclops head visor, which is very reminiscent of the one from the comics. Ironically, the thing that really brings this whole look together may not even be a part of it. The trench coat really makes this costume stand out from the rest.

8 Worst: X-Factor Cyclops

Cylcops wore this costume in Marvel's Mutant Massacre comics event. Mister Sinister had a group of assassins go after the Murlocks, a powerful mutant community living in the sewers. Thor, the X-Men, X-Factor, Daredevil, New Mutants and Power Pack all came together to try and stop this horrific event in mutant history.

Even though it got so bad that they needed the help of every super group, the events of this comic is not as bad as cyclops's uniform. He has his normal head piece, but the visor sits on the outside of it like a pair of welding goggles. With yellow cleaning gloves and huge "X" from his shoulders to thighs, the costume is just weird to look at.

7 Best: X-Men

Of all the costumes Cylcops has worn, this is probably the most recognizable. Scott has worn the suit in several comics, but even non comic fans are likely to have seen it on Fox Kids Network's X-men Animated series from 1992.

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His visor connects to his face and the trunks are so 90s, but in the coolest way. The "X" insignia is also in the perfect spot on his chest and not distracting to the viewer. This costume is kind of remnant of the uniforms GI Joe would wear, but yellow trunks.

6 Worst: X-Men Apocalypse

This is the uniform the young X-Men wore in the movie X-Men Apocalypse. Apocalypse woke up from his slumber to try and start a new world with Magneto and a bunch of other mutants.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this costume except that it is extremely boring. They look like a bunch of FBI agent instead of superhero teens. With the X-men being known to wear colorful uniforms into battle and the school, these are just a let down. Cyclops doesn't even have a visor. Instead, he has these clunky glasses that make him look like he's ready to go driving around town.

5 Best: Teenage Cyclops

This costume makes its appearance when a teenage Cyclopes joins the Champions, a team consisting of Ms. Marvel, Totally Awesome Hulk, Spider-Man, Nova, and Viv Vision. These teens want to help save the world, but on their terms!

This costume is very cool and a great look for a teenage Cyclops. The best thing about this look is his Visor. It is kind of big and clunky, but the four corners and the way it sits on his ears are a great attention to detail.

4 Worst: X-Men Vol. 1

This costume is not only a bad look for Cyclops, but for the whole team. These costumes were worn their debut in X-men #1 written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby.

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The costumes are just too baggy. The yellow cleaning gloves and the yellow cuffed pirate-looking boots do nothing for this already gross look. And the whole yellow one piece on top of a blue tight morph suit is not a good look. Considering the mutants are just kids and going out as a team for the first time, the readers can give them a pass.

3 Best: Phoenix Five Cyclops

Another one of Cyclops' best costumes is the when he wore when possessed by the Phoenix. Emma Frost, Magik, Namor, and Colossus were also possessed by the Phoenix in the Avengers vs Xmen #-5. Together, they made a very powerful team capable of destroying the world.

Just like Jean, the Phoenix's possession of these heroes comes with an all-new makeover. Cylcops gets a great black suit with a detailed phoenix-shaped shoulder piece. He also gets visor like nothing he's had before. This one resembles the visor from a medieval helmet and even covers his nose.

2 Worst: X-Men First Class

The worst costume Cyclops ever wore was in the comic series X-Men First Class. This comic series ran consisted of eight one-shot, self-contained issues in September 2006.

While the stories were very interesting, the readers did no care for the costumes. They just make people uncomfortable. Firstly, this costume fits like a glove and whoever is reading this can see everything. It makes the visor sitting on his head look like it's growing from his face. The gloves also look very loose, which is quite contradictory to the overly tight suits.

1 Best: Uncanny X-Men

The best costume Cyclops has ever worn was in Uncanny X-men vol. 3. This comic came out in February 13, 2013 and it was the issue where Cyclopes, Emma Frost, Magik, and Magneto went out to try and get another team for the X-Men. This Uncanny X-Men run was a wild ride as Cyclops was losing control of his optic beams.

The black one-piece costume with red detailing all over his body is such a cool look. The headpiece with the giant "X" over his eyes is what brings this whole look together with how simple, but unique it is.

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