X-Men & Avengers Movie Fan Poster Is Good Enough to Be Real

The announcement that Disney plans to acquire 21st Century Fox's major assets -- including its X-Men properties -- has caused many fans to fantasize about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some, to the extent that they've whipped up art imagining a team-up between the once-disparate franchises.

A Reddit user going by the name of SPYRAL_super_hero created a photoshopped movie poster that shows the X-Men and Avengers on the same page. It's amazing to see Iron Man standing next to Wolverine on the poster. The likes of Thor and Hulk rubbing elbows with Deadpool and Rogue are likely enough to get any Marvel Comics fan teary-eyed.

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Interestingly, SPYRAL_super_hero had a different view on the idea of the X-Men entering the MCU. While most see this as an opportunity for Marvel to adapt the X-Men vs. Avengers storyline, SPYRAL_super_hero is looking at the possibility of having a movie where the two factions actually work together, like they do in the Uncanny Avengers comic book title.

It's hard to know exactly how the X-Men would interact with the Avengers in the MCU, but it will no doubt be exciting to see all of Marvel's toys back in the same chest.

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