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X-Men: Apocalypse’s Lana Condor Talks Jubilee, Jackets & Jackman

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X-Men: Apocalypse’s Lana Condor Talks Jubilee, Jackets & Jackman

With its 1980s setting, “X-Men: Apocalypse” looked totally different from the films that preceded it in the franchise. The radical clothes and tubular tunes that punctuated the battle between Apocalypse and Xavier’s new class of mutants made the movie standout. One mutant in particular really looked the part, too: Lana Condor’s Jubilee.

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The mall rat mutant from Beverly Hills got her biggest movie exposure in “Apocalypse” (following small cameos played by other actors in the original “X-Men” trilogy). Her yellow jacket, pink sunglasses and big earrings made newcomer Lana Condor look as if she’d stepped right off of a Jim Lee-drawn comic page. And even though the fan favorite mutant didn’t have a big role in “Apocalypse,” fans will be happy to learn that there’s approximately 300% more Jubilee in the deleted scenes featured on the “X-Men: Apocalypse” Blu-ray. Jubes at the mall, showing off her smarts in class, giving Nightcrawler a tour of the X-Mansion — the film’s home release lets viewers really get to know the mutant firecracker.

And CBR got to know Lana Condor during a recent visit to the lavish mansion that doubled as the X-Mansion in 2000’s “X-Men.” You can learn more about the deleted mall sequence and Condor’s hopes for a Wolverine and Jubilee team-up as well as see her say one of Jubilee’s iconic phrases below.

CBR: Obviously I want to start by asking you about the mall sequence. It was cut from “X-Men: Apocalypse” but now fans are finally seeing it thanks to the home video release. People love it!

Lana Condor: Yes!

What was it was like filming that?

Okay, so, it was a real mall, it wasn’t in the studio or wherever. Half of it, they turned into an ’80s mall and the other half was a still-functioning mall where people were going to get their clothes and stuff. So that was kind of funny to see — it was like time travel! That was our first day that we were working all together, so we all got to meet each other and hang out. It genuinely felt like we were hanging out as youngsters would in the ’80s at a mall. But it was awesome. It was huge, massive and crazy.

Are you yourself a “mall rat”? Have you hung out at a lot of malls in your day?

Um, I haven’t…I don’t — I was just telling someone that all I do is, like, sit at home and eat and read. So I don’t really go to a lot of malls, and I don’t know how to shop! I don’t have the patience to shop! But, I could imagine what it’s like to be a mall rat.

Jubilee playing an arcade game in "Apocalypse's" cut mall sequence

Jubilee playing an arcade game in “Apocalypse’s” cut mall sequence

Speaking of shopping, I wanted to ask you about Jubilee’s wardrobe. Putting all your shopping battle armor on —

That was so fun.

What was it like going to all those wardrobe fittings? Were there a lot of options?

So many options! We actually, one of the first fittings there were no yellow jackets anywhere. I had known that one thing to know about Jubilee is her jacket. So I was kinda like, “The public’s gonna hate me. They’re gonna hate me [if I don’t have a yellow jacket].” But then they were just trying to find the fit of different jackets, and then they ended up making me one of my own. I wanted to keep it — apparently there’s twelve of them, and I was like, “You guys can give me one of them!”

You’re Jubilee!

But no, that didn’t happen! But maybe in the future.

Have you taken any of Jubilee’s fashion tips or style into your own life since filming wrapped?

I actually try to stay away from dressing in yellow because I’m afraid that that’s — I don’t want to wear a yellow jacket out in the real world because that is my character. I don’t want to be like, “Hey, did you see me? I’m in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’! I played Jubilee!” I guess eyeliner. She has really cool makeup because it’s the ’80s, so maybe that. I still only wear, like, sweatpants.

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Jubilee is an iconic X-Man, especially for kids of the ’90s like myself who grew up watching the cartoon. She’s who we identified with in that cartoon.

Yeah, yeah! She’s amazing!

Have you had any great interactions with fans over Jubilee?

Yeah. Someone in the airport, like a person who checks you in, was just like, “Wow, I love Jubilee, she’s so great! I grew up with her!” That was awesome. I ran into someone who had a tattoo of her, like a full tattoo on his arm, so that was cool. She’s so fun! I, like, understand why that was such a great time because she’s such a great person! So yeah, I’ve had fun experiences with people.


Jubilee’s big partner in the comics is Wolverine.

I know!

But you guys didn’t get to share the screen in “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Have you met Hugh Jackman at all? Have you talked to him about this?

Yeah! I met him at Comic-Con, he introduced the panel. And I fell in love! [Laughs] No, he’s super tall and super strong, smells amazing, has an accent. I was like, “You can talk to me all day!” But yeah, he’s really cool. That would be amazing if they did Jubilee and Wolverine.

I think the fans need this.

I know! I need this! But the fans definitely, oh god yeah. That would be amazing.

We didn’t get to see that much of Jubilee in this movie, but of course the hope is we see more of her in the future. Do you know where she might pop up next? We have “New Mutants” coming out eventually.

I’ve only heard rumors about all that. I think that probably the people who hired me wait until the very last minute to tell me anything — for this very reason! But I would love — if they were to have more X-Men movies, I’d love to. And if they were to have me in it, I’d love that. I’ve heard a little about “New Mutants,” like reading the blogs, but I know all that is talk right now and stuff, but that’d be cool too.

Lana Condor and Sophie Turner shooting "X-Men: Apocalypse's" mall sequence

Lana Condor and Sophie Turner shooting “X-Men: Apocalypse’s” mall sequence

Do you have any favorite memories from the shoot that people might not know about yet?

Well, one day me Sophie [Turner], Alex [Shipp] and Evan [Peters] were working and we were like, going crazy just — I don’t know, we were tired and delusional. So we stole — everyone was driving around in golf carts, ’cause we were on a huge set. So we stole one and were like, doing wheelies in the parking lot. We were screaming like idiots, and apparently they were in the middle of a scene while we were screaming, so we got in a lot of trouble. So we got out, and then let all the air out of the tires because we were like, “We’re gonna get them now! You’re gonna stop our fun, we’re gonna stop your transportation!” But that was pretty fun. There were awesome moments, all of them were great.

And lastly, Jubilee has a catchphrase from the ’90s cartoon — would you be up for giving it your own spin?

“X-Men: Apocalypse” arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD on October 4th.

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