X-Men: The 5 Most Heroic Things Angel Has Ever Done (& The 5 Worst Archangel Has Done)

In Marvel Comics, Warren Worthington III holds the alias of Angel, one of Marvel’s more popular X-Men characters. Over the years, Angel has come to change quite a bit as a character, with several versions of him appearing throughout the X-Men’s extensive history. However, easily one of the worst versions of Warren is his evil alter-ego, Archangel.

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Since his introduction, Archangel has continually been a problem for both Warren and the X-Men. The constant back and forth between his personalities has made for some very intriguing, yet equally frightful stories. To honor Warren, here is our list of the 5 most heroic things Angel has done, and the 5 worst things Archangel has done.

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10 Worst: “Disassembled” 

If joining Apocalypse wasn’t enough, Warren would once again find himself pitted against the X-Men during the recent Disassembled storyline. Though he was initially thought to be Archangel once again, it is eventually revealed that Warren was just being mind-controlled and used as a horseman for X-Man, Nate Summers.

However, Warren still contributed greatly to the disappearance of the X-Men for several months, leaving it up to Cyclops and Wolverine to find them and bring them back. Unfortunately for Warren, he can’t seem to help but get caught up with whomever the big bad of the X-Men is.

9 Best: Original X-Men Member

As Angel, Warren stands as a founding member of the original team of X-Men. Alongside Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, and Iceman, Warren’s example would lay the foundation for all future generations of the team. Like other young comic book heroes, Warren would struggle with his abilities, romance and especially his place in the world.

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However, there’s no denying that Angel's impact on the team was great, especially in regards to other versions of the X-Men. While he may not have accomplished too much on his own during this era, Warren still proved his value as a member of the X-Men, and to the mutant community as well.

8 Worst: Joining Apocalypse

After losing the feathered version of his wings, Warren became devastated by his inability to contribute in any way. Therefore, when Apocalypse approached him and offered to not only restore but improve his wings, an emotionally weak Angel gladly accepted. From here, Angel would assume the title of Archangel, Apocalypse’s horseman of death. Though joining Apocalypse restored his powers and abilities, it also set Warren on a very dark path.

As Archangel, Warren operates under a completely different personality, making him incredibly violent and deadly to his teammates and civilians. Due to the acts that Archangel would come to commit, it is understandable how joining Apocalypse is one of the worst things Warren has ever done.

7 Best: Saved his Classmates From A Fire

Even before joining Charles Xavier’s team of gifted young mutants, Warren had proven that he had the heart of a hero. While he was still in grade school, a fire broke out in one of Warren’s classrooms. After sneaking into the drama club for a quick costume change, Warren used his wings to safely rescue his classmates.

In choosing to dress as a typically depicted biblical Angel, Warren also secured the alias, Angel. From here, Warren would catch the attention of Xavier, eventually going on to become a member of the X-Men. While Angel would certainly prove himself as a hero even more as an X-man, there’s no denying that he was always destined to accomplish great feats.

6 Worst: “Killed” Iceman

Shortly after becoming Archangel, the X-Men were in a desperate position. Their former ally and friend was wreaking havoc and dealing devastating blows. In an attempt to force Warren back into himself, the X-Men devised a plan that saw Archangel kill his friend, Iceman. While Iceman’s death was fake, the plan succeeded in restoring Warren to his original mindset.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that Archangel could have, and would have, killed one of his oldest friends in cold blood. Thankfully, that wasn’t actually the case, but it certainly shows what WWarren is capable of whenever he is Archangel.

5 Best: Co-Founder of Champions

Not only is Angel a founding member of the X-Men, but also a founding member of the original Champions team. Nowadays, people mostly know the Champions as the young group of teen heroes led by Ms. Marvel. Originally, though, Cyclops and Angel established the team alongside Hercules, Black Widow, and Ghost Rider.

Following their departure from the X-Men, bot Cyclops and Angel still desired to do good. As a result, they banded together with some other outcast superheroes and the Champions were born. While a member, Warren would go on to accomplish even more great things, independent of the X-Men and solidifying his own character.

4 Worst: Slaughtered the Purifiers

After being restored to his usual self for quite some time, Warren would eventually see the return of his Archangel personality. After a mind-controlled Wolfsbane captured Warren and brought him to the Purifiers, Warrens feathered wings were once again forcibly removed. This triggered the Archangel personality once again and Warren set out on a murderous rampage.

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As Archangel, Warren brutally slaughtered every member of the Purifiers he could find. Despite the Purifiers being the bad guys, the X-Men try to preserve life at all costs, making Archangel’s act, in this case, one of the most blatant violations of X-Men code.

3 Best: Revealed Himself As A Mutant

As a member of the X-Men, Angel is used to receiving hatred solely based on what he can do. However, that never stopped him from revealing his identity to the world. Warren was actually one of the first major X-Men to reveal their identity. Likewise, Warren caused quite a stir when he did this, particularly because he is the son of a wealthy business owner.

The Worthington power and influence played a very big role when it was revealed that Warren was, in fact, a mutant. Likewise, Warren’s actions supported the X-Men’s beliefs of ending the fear and hatred towards mutants. Revealing his identity not only showed support for those ideals but helped other young mutants as well.

2 Worst: Attempted Genocide on Humanity

In actuality, Archangel has attempted genocide on all of humanity on several occasions. However, during the Dark Angel Saga specifically, Archangel once again sets out to rid the Earth of humanity, this time by himself. Believing to be the heir to Apocalypse, Archangel recruits an army of his own to lead against the X-Men. Eventually, Warren’s love interest at the time, Psylocke, is forced to stab and kill him.

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While Warren would eventually return, it doesn’t change the fact that Archangel attempted to assume the role of Apocalypse himself. In setting out to finish what his master started, Archangel proved that he is capable of some truly evil acts.

1 Best: Reunited the Original X-Men

Back before the original X-Factor series launched, the original five X-Men members had not all been seen together for quite some time. The team had simply grown apart and the expanded roster of characters made it easy for them to get lost in another title. However, when the team was finally reassembled for X-Factor #1, it was actually Angel that brought them all together.

Warren’s inspiring example brought the team back for one of the more successful launches of a new series in X-Men history. It also shows how much influence Angel has amongst the X-Men, despite having been gone for a while.

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