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X-MEN 4?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Singer has talked with 20th Century Fox about returning to the "X-Men" franchise. "I'm still looking to possibly returning to the 'X-Men' franchise. I've been talking to Fox about it," says Singer. While this would be the "X-Men 4" mentioned a couple of weeks ago or one of the other spin-offs is unknown. Singer develops many projects simultaneously, so no guarantee even successful talks would lead to a new Singer "X-Men" film within the next five years.

Release date: TBA


Collider spoke with screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci about the film. They have just started on their new draft and have watched a lot of Westerns to get ready. "We just watched 'The Searchers' last," says Orci.

Directed by Jon Favreau, release date: TBA


According to the Fantagraphics website, Peter Bagge's "The Bradleys" has been optioned as an animated TV series for Fox. Fantagraphics says the series will be based on "the pre-'Hate' era when Buddy Bradley was a teen and still lived at home."

Premieres: TBA


While reporting on the award prospects of "Anvil: the Story of Anvil," the Los Angeles Times reveals the following: "Wednesday [the band] made their movie debut on the set of fan and director Michel Gondry's big-budget flick 'The Green Hornet,' filming a cameo where they (literally) explode playing in a rock club." Anvil is a real rock act. "The Story of Anvil" follows the over-fifty duo as they continue to seek the dream of success while rocking out.

Starring Seth Rogen, release date: December 17th, 2010


The saga of the "Spider-Man" musical continues! Despite a report last week, supposed investor James D. Stern tells MTV News, "I don't know. Whether I'm involved in it or not, I don't have any idea yet." He does say he loves the show and there is room for superheroes on Broadway, however.

Release date: February 2010?


Kryptonsite has several new spoilers for episode ten, "Disciple" and the Geoff Johns' penned "Society." Proceed, as always, at your own risk.

New episode: Friday


According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Astro Boy II" could be in the works if the film is successful.

Directed by David Bowers, release date: October 23rd, 2009


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