X-Men 3, V For Vendetta, Ghost Rider, Smallville: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 1st


Holy headmasters -- according to numerous sources, including Ain't It Cool News, director Matthew Vaughn has opted out of the third mutant-themed sequel for "personal reasons" involving not wanting to uproot his family. "This is not a case of creative differences," Marvel Studios' Avi Arad said. This is a personal decision by Matthew, and I can tell you that he is heartbroken. He loved this material, and he wanted to make this film." The studios hope to announce a new director and the actor playing Angel by the end of the week.


Ain't It Cool News also has a script review of the screenplay for the Alan Moore adaptation ... and they're less than favorable. "It simply isn't fair. It is absolutely not fair that the work of someone like Alan Moore is continually abused by hack writers with limited imagination and muted vision." Ow!


The Melbourne set has more leaks than Tom Hanks' house from "The Money Pit" -- in a follow up to another spy report, Superhero Hype has some fresh spoilers about the film.


"Somebody saaaaaave meeeee" ... a copy of the new DVD set for season four, because TVShowsOnDVD has complete specs and artwork for the product.


Another TV spot has popped up in Quicktime at the Movie Box.


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