X-Men 3, Transformers, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Heroes: April 21st Comic Reel Wrap

X- MEN 3

Actress Halle Berry is quoted by the Manila Bulletin as saying that she confronts the franchise's most popular character. "In this movie," Berry said, "she actually goes toe to toe with Wolverine and I think that is pretty impressive for Storm, because in the past X-Men films, she hasn't challenged anybody."

Meanwhile, this page at the Cannes Film Festival claims that the third mutant minded movie will run 103 minutes, which is shorter than both the first film (104 minutes) and the second (133 minutes).

Finally, The XVerse has scans from Total Film magazine showing new images from the film.


IGN's FilmForce has been spreading the word about the casting decisions for the film, including saying that Jon Voight, Michael Clarke Duncan, Josh Duhamel, Bernie Mac, Tyrese, John Turturro, Rachel Taylor, Megan Fox, Travis Van Winkle and John Robinson are in talks to join Shia LaBeouf in the Hasbro adaptation.


Box Office Mojo is reporting that 20th Century Fox has scheduled an August 10, 2007 release date for the sequel.


According to Variety, Coming off a five-year stint on the J.J. Abrams' ABC/Touchstone TV dramas, Emmy-winning producer Jesse Alexander was looking for his next project by reading pilot scripts when he came across Tim Kring's teleplay for the two-hour NBC pilot Heroes, about a group of seemingly everyday people who discover they have superpowers. "The script was fantastic," Alexander said. "I liked Tim's vision of the world he created, and I liked the writing." If Heroes goes to series, Alexander would serve as co- executive producer.


Kryptonsite has TV Guide's cryptic description of the season finale, "Vessel." On the other side of the web, rival site Devoted to Smallville has a Windows Media version of the trailer for next week's episode "Fade."


There's a final word for Cleveland residents on where the production will be this weekend, courtesy of NewsChannel5.


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