X-Men 3, Tonight He Comes, Blood the Last Vampire, Hellboy 2: May 18th Comic Reel Wrap


Chris Hunter pointed us to a significant spoiler from actor Patrick Steward over at PR Inside which may explain why some are questioning the possibility of a sequel. Stewart is also quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about the technology required to de-age himself and Sir Ian McKellen for a key segment of the film.

Speaking of McKellen, he was interviewed and said, among other things, " I am not surprised that kids who feel society has rejected them are attracted to these stories and I hope the films too. More than in most comics, the X-Men characters, however fantastical their abilities, function within a recognizable world. This must make them even more relevant to the youngsters' lives."

In other news, two of Magneto's acolytes, Pyro (actor Aaron Stanford) and Callisto (actress Dania Ramirez) are interviewed by BlackFilm.com. "It's fun playing villains," Stanford said. "It's people who are not held by any moral constrains or any constrains for that matter. It's a chance to be completely off the leash and do things that you never could in real life."

The interviews kept on coming, with writer Chris Claremont, talking to the XVerse about his cameo in the film and the novelization. "Ian McKellen's interpretation of Magneto is far darker than I portrayed him in the comics, because my vision was of Magneto evolving into a hero. Yet -- at bedrock -- the two interpretations were remarkably consistent. I saw -- and see -- no real problem in evolving McKellenÕs vision of the character into mine or vice-versa because the essence of the portrayal is true to what appeared in the books. I can pretty much say the same for all the characters; this has been a series of films whose vision of the core characters, and the actorsÕ portrayals have been remarkably faithful to and consistent with the source material. Which, being the primary author of that source material, and the greater of many of those characters makes me very proud. My sole regret is that there are no plans to keep the series going. On the other hand, who knows -- maybe even Hollywood minds can change?"

Visual effects supervisor John Bruno talked to SFX Magazine about making the most difficult effects come to life. "There were two. Both involving Xavier. The first is at the opening of the film which starts in 1985. We had to make both Xavier and ... Magneto look 20 to 30 years younger. For me the entire success of the film was based on the believability of this scene for the audience. Second: The atomization of Jean Grey's house involving both Xavier and Magneto. This was as complex as it gets. All objects (chairs, books, lamps) start out practical and then are replaced with CG counterparts which had to look photo-real before atomizing into dust."

Finally, Yahoo! Movies has a character featurette on Mystique, while you can find new photos from the film at the XVerse's image gallery.


According to Variety (subscription required) Just weeks after coming onboard Sony's Will Smith fueled superhero film, director Gabriele Muccino has gone, the second helmer the production has lost.


Variety also reports that Bill Kong, producer of "Crouching Tiger" and "Hero," is to reteam with helmer Ronny Yu for an English-language adaptation of a best-selling Japanese manga comic series. Kong says "Blood" will likely shoot in a mix of English and other languages. Unlike most of Kong's recent oeuvre, it will not be set up as a Chinese-qualifying co-production and will not shoot there. He is currently scouting locations in Japan, Russia and the Philippines.


Variety stayed busy at Cannes, reporting that Sony's Revolution Studios has passed on the sequel. A screenplay has been delivered, said director Guillermo del Toro, but with no budget nor cast, project has still to be greenlit. Other majors are taking a look at the project.


Producer Al Gough talked to TV Guide about the "rise of Lex" in season six. "You're definitely going to see the more ruthless Lex Luthor you know from the comic books really start to emerge," Gough said. "The season will also be about the corruption of good -- not only Lana, but Martha. Will she get involved with Lionel? And when Clark does come back from the Phantom Zone, what will it have done to him? We never really explored what happens to somebody inside the Phantom Zone, which is really the ultimate incarceration."


Keeping it Kryptonian, there's an alleged summary of what the new trailer will look like at Superhero Hype.


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