X-Men 3, The Batman, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns: September 19th Comic Reel Wrap


There's a gi-normous alleged spoiler over at XMenfilms.net, which reinforces our exclusive Madrox rumor from an inside source, as well as giving up more proposed plot details than you can shake an adamantium-covered claw at.


Is that a new theme song and opening? Why, yes it is, and some of the message board posters at Batman: Yesterday, Today, and Beyond have been enjoying it from the comfort of their own computers (and now you can too).

Comics Continuum confirms that Andy Strumer, who wrote the "Teen Titans" theme song, wrote and performed the new theme, and has episode information on what we can expect next on the weekday and weekend schedules.


Over the weekend, we posted a first look at the animated series artwork which we first reported last October.


Director Bryan Singer has posted a new video blog from the Australian set of the Brandon Routh-led DC adaptation, called "Stoparazzi."

In other news, Superhero Hype has a scan of an article from a British magazine talking about a torturous scene and misnaming James Marsden.


According to Comics Continuum, Raphael Sbarge is providing the voice of Deadman in an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network series. Deadman is appearing in an episode called "Dead Reckoning," which has yet to be scheduled. The episode description says, ""The ghost of a circus performer convinces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of Monks."


Can you tell there's only ten days to the season premiere? Well, producer Al Gough can, so he's dropped interviews for UGO.com, Backstage and even blogger TV Filter -- all of course with some brand of spoilers. Busy guy.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has new screen captures for two new trailers for the season opener.


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