X-Men 3, Superman Returns, Ultimate Avengers, Painkiller Jane: November 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Cameron Bright has some new photos posted from his role as Leech on the set of the Brett Ratner-helmed mutant movie. Also, Superhero Hype has screen captures from the "X3" presentation on the new "Fantastic Four" DVD.


Some final shots from shooting down under have been unearthed, and you can check 'em out over at Superhero Hype.


The specs for the direct-to-DVD feature are up at Davis DVD. The feature will be presented in 1.77:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1, with supplements including a trivia section, a feature on the cast, a DVD-ROM game "Which Avenger Are You?" and a sneak peak at the sequel, currently slated for a release in August 2006. The disc will be released on February 21st, 2006.


Comics Continuum talked to "Painkiller Jane" co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti about the upcoming Sci Fi Network adaptation. "The set-up is different but the main idea is still there," Palmiotti said. "The weaknesses will, for me, always be in the writing and changing the character to come off as more modern a story. I don't agree where they took the character, but understand it. The Painkiller Jane we created is a little wilder then her screen counterpart. I wish it was more violent and had taken the character in a darker direction. Hey, I co-created it, so I will always find something until I write and direct it. It's a natural thing. The good thing is that if it goes to series ... well, that's a positive thing for fine-tuning a character like this."


There's a big rumor over at Comic Book Movie claiming that the Clown Prince of Crime may be a lot more serious than normally expected. "the Joker in the Batman Begins sequel won't be zany and clowny but rather, in keeping with the tone of director Chris Nolan's films, will be dark and frightening with a broad smile under his wide-brimmed hat. According to our sources, the Joker will be an x-factor in the Gotham crime scene, sometimes acting against the Batman and sometimes acting against the Mob still taking orders from the League of Shadows. Meanwhile, the Penguin is rumored to be a Russian arms dealer working with Gotham gangsters. No word on the imminent return of the Scarecrow."

Speaking of the smiling sociopath, there's another bit over at Batman On Film that actor Lachy Hulme, long considered a favorite as the Joker, isn't so positive anymore. According to them, Hulme told a fan, "I've been in talks, but the outlook is not good."


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