X-Men 3, Superman Returns, Spider-Man 3, V For Vendetta: November 17th Comic Reel Wrap


XMenFilms is alleging that "America's Next Top Model" contestant Mercedes Scelba-Shorte will play the role of overachiever Monet St. Croix and "The OC" actress Ashley Hartman will bring the garter-belted grandeur of the White Queen to the screen, and that both would be involved in a spin off focusing on young mutants.

Meanwhile, director Bryan Singer told Sci Fi Universe that he misses Westchester. "I love the X-Men universe," Singer said. "I love the cast. And I love the people I worked with. Fortunately I'm still friends with most all of them. In fact, I wanted to go visit them [during the X-Men 3 shoot]. I wanted to go visit them on a trip back [from shooting Superman Returns in Australia], but I didn't have a chance. They're all great people, and Brett's an old friend. Of course I miss it. Extremely. But I will also say that what takes an audience several hours to watch in a theater takes six years of my life. To be able to do something different is very satisfying as well. So all is not lost, so to speak."


Speaking of that small-budget character project Singer left for, he also told Sci Fi Wire that he was thrilled that Jack Larson and Noel Neill, who both starred in previous Superman incarnations, both agreed to make brief appearances. "Jack makes a cameo, which great," Singer said. "It was nice. It was really great to have him all the way out here in Australia. He's a good guy. Noel is awesome. Unfortunately they weren't together. They worked at two separate points. But it was great to have them down here. It really inspires everyone to have people from that period here and to hear them tell stories. It was great." Singer tells a story about the veteran actor Larson. "I was standing next to Jack, and I was going to introduce him to Brandon. It was on the roof of the Daily Planet building. I was standing next to him, and he's talking, and he's holding his copy of the script, and as he's doing that he suddenly looks up and he goes, 'Oh, there he is.' I didn't know what he was looking at. Then I looked over, and it was Brandon in his Superman suit, which I'd been seeing every day. It's always something to see, but for Jack it was a moment. I don't think he'd seen someone in a Superman suit since 1951."


Superhero Hype claims to have a scoop on the music for the next film. "Christopher Young, who completed much of the onscreen score for Spider-Man 2 will helm the project for 2007's most anticipated film ... It's also believed that there's a chance Young will reuse a lot of Elfman's existing themes, since they are property of Sony, so for continuity sake the film will feel as much a part of the existing Spider-Man franchise as possible."


Of the three remaining sites with exclusive posters, only MTV has posted a new look at the art direction for the film's marketing.


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