X-Men 3, Superman Returns, Spider-Man 3, Archie: December 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Patrick Stewart talked to Empire Online about the new film, being somewhat coquettish. "You'd need about an hour to hear all about it," he said of developments for his character. "There are going to be some changes. Professor X is now very, very startling, very surprising. It's all very exciting."

There's a detailed description of the trailer you'll see on Monday, right here at CBR News.

Meanwhile, X-Men Films notes that an actress named Mackenzie Vega just finished filming an undisclosed role, and that they production is hunting for an actor to play Magneto at age forty.

Speaking of casting "could-have-beens," USA Today points out that "Lost" bad boy Josh Holloway was in the running for the role of Gambit, but chose the show over a cinematic turn. Rumors abounded that actress Maggie Grace dropped out of the Lois Lane hunt for similar reasons.


Director Bryan Singer talked a lot about his old comic book movie stomping grounds in a video interview, as well as in a separate sit-down with If Magazine. "I've talked with the director," Singer said. "he's a good friend of mine. Brett Ratner and I've spent some time with the actors and they sound really positive about it. I'm looking forward to it, but I just got back from Australia. It's weird not being part of it; I wish I could split myself in two and be in two places at one time. All of those folks are really good friends. Hugh Jackman visited us while we were shooting SUPERMAN in Sydney, and I had lunch with Wolverine and Superman -- it was kind of fun."

Also, Sports Illustrated reports that actor Brandon Routh will take part in the carrying of the torch for the 2006 Winter Olympics. "Americans will take part in the torch relay in Florence on Dec. 14 when Iowa native Brandon Routh, star of the upcoming 'Superman Returns,' hands off to New York Yankees manager Joe Torre."


Speaking of interviews in If Magazine (and it's so wonderful when it all ties together), they also talked to actor James Franco, who claims he's already two weeks into his part of filming, and rumormongers about pumpkin bombs and bat-wing gliders.


Yes, "Archie." Dark Horizons has an unconfirmed rumor that the twins who make up the musical group The Veronicas. once sued by Archie Comics, will join to play the spoiled Riverdale heiress.


According to Wizard Magazine, shooting of the Neil Gaiman adaptation begins March/April next year.


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