X-Men 3, Superman, Darkchylde, Batman Begins: The Comic Reel Wrap for April 18th


The Sun Newspaper has some unconfirmed rumors about what actor Vinnie Jones will allegedly be wearing as The Juggernaut. "The ex-footballer will play Hulk-style baddie Juggernaut in the movie. Vinnie, 40, will wear a four-stone latex suit to boost his muscles for the role. Juggernaut is 7ft tall and weighs 65st. He will star alongside Sir Ian McKellen, Rebecca Romijn, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. Filming starts later this year. A source said: 'Vinnie thinks it's a great laugh and can't wait to get into the suit.'" For your information, 65 stone is about 910 pounds, and four stone is just under sixty pounds.

Meanwhile, X-Men Films is reporting that Ed Verreaux has just signed on to be the costume designer for the film.

Finally, Ain't It Cool News has a tidbit about actor Ray Park talking to a convention audience down under. "Someone asked if he was up for 'X3' with Matthew Vaughan, and he said he was in negotiations with the producers to reprise the role of Toad, as you never really saw him die in the first movie."


Superhero Hype has a scan of British newspaper Daily Express, showing Brandon Routh in Clark Kent state (with different looks at the Sunday Telegraph and Getty Images, as well as on Routh's own website), plus a video of the filming in Australia.

Dark Horizons chimes in with a rumor abut Hugh Jackman in talks to play a young Jonathan Kent in flashback sequences. "Singer's talking to Jackman about doing an appearance in the film, from what I can gather as Jonathan Kent in flashback scenes to Clark's youth."

The video blogs are back at it as hobbit-friendly director Peter Jackson does a "crossover" blog with Bryan Singer, which are available at Blue Tights and Kong is King. The "story" has Jackson is in the last week of shooting his "King Kong" remake, getting tired and calling "Superman Returns" director Singer to help out.

Superhero Hype closes with a set report about making downtown Metropolis come to life.


We're hearing on creator Randy Queen's official message boards that "We have a terrific script that's very frightening and better than the original comic," he said. "It could be the kick in the pants to horror that 'The Matrix' was to sci-fi. I absolutely believe that. I'm working with Dark Horse, the folks that produced the superb 'HELLBOY' [sic] film, and we're trying to find a home, financing and a strong lead. There just aren't that many original horror films being produced, and It remains as something I will continue to invest time, money and energy into."


IESB has snagged the new TV spot (Windows Media only) showcasing the upcoming Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation.


Newsarama has an interview with screenwriter David Benioff, who talks a bit about the planned spin-off or the Canucklehead. "Benioff did say he wants to 'rough' Wolverine/Jackman up a bit, giving him an opportunity to show sides the first two movies didn't afford the character aside from the Mansion invasion scene in 'X2.' Promising his story will be a 'bit darker and a bit more brutal,' Benioff says he's writing an 'R' script and that Marvel Studios and director will have to decide where to go from there."


You'll soon be able to get episodes from the first season on a new DVD, "The Batman: Training for Power," according to Toon Zone. The three episode collection will retail for $14.97 and be available May 24th.


More from Australia over at Superhero Hype: talking about filmming the "Hellbike" amidst bullet-riddled concrete debris. They also have a scan of an article from Australia's Herald Sun, discussing the shoot and showing some set photos.


Tons of news from Kansas' stranges town. First up, Kryptonsite has a spoiler from the season finale and the network's official description of the upcoming episode "Ageless." Meanwhile, their arch-enemies at Devoted to Smallville have screen captures from last week's Lex-a-riffic episode "Onyx" and AVI video clips of actresses Erica Duranceand Allison Mack and at the Jules Verne Film Festival.


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