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X-Men 3, Stardust, Superman Returns: March 7th Comic Reel Wrap

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X-Men 3, Stardust, Superman Returns: March 7th Comic Reel Wrap


If you didn’t get a chance to watch the roller coaster ride that is Fox’s “24,” that means you probably didn’t see the new trailer for Brett Ratner’s take on Marvel mutant mayhem. Worry not — your friends at Apple Computer went on ahead and posted it for you in glorious QuickTime. Wasn’t that nice of them? When you add that we have screen grabs right here at CBR … well, now you know somebody likes you!

Meanwhile, The XVerse talked to FX makeup artist Bart Mixon about working on the film. “In terms of getting the ‘right look’ you have the same problem with the Beast that you did with the Thing; which look is the ‘right’ one. I love the George Perez and John Byrne Beast, as well as the Jim Lee version, but they do have their differences, so whoÕs do you choose? As drawn, the Beast had a defined hair line and mutton chops. Does this mean thereÕs no hair on the face, or does he has a fine layer, like a horse? When he first appeared in ‘AMAZING ADVENTURES,’ he was BLACK, but just like so many other characters, they changed the highlight color to blue, and suddenly heÕs go blue fur! I remember when Nightcrawler was first called ‘the blue fuzzy elf’ in the comics. Looking at the illustrations, I NEVER thought of him as fuzzy, and he was clearly meant to be BLACK, as he would get lost in the shadows, etc. But over the years, these things change and tend to stick. Once a character said the Silver Surfer had WHITE skin, again referring to the limitations of the comic book printing process, so I hope no one expects that to be taken literally when Fox gets around to doing him. I think we ended up with a nice mix of the best of several different ones. Sure, I do wish little things could have been different [ I would have liked the more classic hair, but Wolverine has that look locked up! ]; but at least we did not have to do that darn cat-Beast.”


Holy star power! According to Variety (subscription required), Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Charlie Cox and Sienna Miller have all joined the cast of the Neil Gaiman adaptation.


New photos are still trickling in, many of which we’ve posted here at CBR (reading the paper, on bended knee), at Mike Dougherty’s website (some behind the scenes ones, including one in the Fortress of Solitude) and probably a new one of Pa and Ma Kent at IESB in their gallery.

In other news, actor Brandon Routh made an impromptu appearance at a Des Moines, Iowa hospital to visit an eight-year-old leukemia victim with his girlfriend and a camera crew. Also along for the ride was Miss World, an Icelandic lass named Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir (which shows that copy and paste is among the best inventions ever).


Here’s where you get in on the action. Did you see a link we didn’t catch? Have you snuck into a closed movie set, and have inside data? Maybe your cousin is dating somebody who knows something, and they had to tell you? Whatever it is, we wanna know it all — fire off an email and let us know whether you want your name used or your contributions to geekdom to go down anonymously. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is novelist/karaoke host/all-around lunatic Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, I think I forgot to check my CBR email since … oh, October … and [tagline sent back to development hell until something hipper can be dreamed up].

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