X-Men 3, Spider-Man 3, Life and Times of Juniper Lee: May 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News has an interesting rumor about an unknown actor being cast as a young Chuck Xavier, for a flashback scene involving the origin of a certain half-brother.


According to Toon Zone, "X-Files" veteran Mitch Pileggi will be voicing Commissioner James Gordon in future episodes of the hit animated series. He'll be introduced in episode #26, entitled "The Night and The City," and his support of a certain rodent-themed vigilante causes some rifts in the GCPD.

Comics Continuum has screen captures from the new episode "Fire and Ice," where Mr. Freeze (Clancy Brown on voice talents) and Firefly (with Jason Marsden on voice) team up. The episode premieres on the Kids WB on May 28th.


Director Sam Raimi talked to Now Playing magazine about the visual effects for the upcoming web-spinning sequel. "For starters, the director acknowledged that the effects will be a combination of the practical and the computer generated varieties, just as they were for Spider-Man 2's Doc Ock. 'Absolutely, the new villain, the new powers [will be a mix],' Raimi says. 'We're shooting tests right now to determine what is best pulled off believably as a practical effect and what can't be, what's too dangerous, what is too unreasonable, and what looks better in CG.'"

Actor James Franco told the Boston Herald, "I've met with (director) Sam Raimi a few times and we're planning on filming in January. ... I thought the second one was better than the first, and I think this one will be better than both."

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News is rumormongering that ... well, let's just hear it from the source: "Someone like Griddlecake Troutwater, whom's eyes are all over Stage 20 on the Sony lot. According to him that Stage is finishing up construction on the areas to house Costume & Wardrobe Department... but not just for 'SPIDER-MAN 3' ... the current rumor on the lot is Raimi is going to be shooting '3' & '4' together. Now, amongst the tests Spidey crew have been shooting during the last few weeks, well they've used a lot of SAND I hear. Sand being blown around."


Comics creator Judd Winick's got a new project in the hamper, with a new animated series on Cartoon Network. Animation Insider has the inside scoop on the whole thing.


Kryptonsite has new screen captures from a new trailer for this week's huge season finale, and Devoted to Smallville has a clip shown on Entertainment Tonight. Actress Annette O'Toole leaked some minor spoilers to TV Vue magazine, and finally Comics Continuum has some minor spoilers and quotes from producer Al Gough talking about the sheer scale of this week's episode. "It is just huge, not only on a production scale -- I believe there are over 100 visual effects shots and it took 16 days to shoot, a lot for a TV show -- but also on an emotional scale," Gough said. "We really spin all the characters into Season 5. Also, there is a very big piece of Superman mythology coming into play, which fans will understand when they see the last shot of the episode!"


Comics Continuum also has some production stills from the new DVD release.


According to Variety (subscription required), actor Warren Beatty is looking to get the yellow fedora back on. "Beatty, who starred in and directed the 1990 film 'Dick Tracy,' based on the classic comic strip, is seeking a ruling that he still owns film and other rights, plus $30 million in damages. The damage figure presumably is based on the profit Beatty expects to see from a sequel. Domestic box office for the film in 1990 was $100 million, making it the ninth highest-grossing film of that year. According to the complaint, filed in L.A. Superior Court by Beatty's longtime attorney Bert Fields, Tribune assigned film, television and other rights in 'Dick Tracy' to Beatty in a 1985 agreement. The assignment was subject to a complex, multistep reversion process, which Tribune would be required to follow for it to recapture the rights."


There's a new set report online from Melbourne, complete with photographs.


Let's see what we have here ... cover art and release date for the soundtrack? Check. Announcement about the June 6th premiere in Hollywood? Check. Interview with the film's composers? Check. Yep, closing in on the film ...


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