X-Men 3, Smallville, The Batman, Zoom: August 17th Comic Reel Wrap


According to IGN, Oscar-nominated Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo has joined the growing ensemble cast of X-Men 3. Sources advised us that she will portray a character named Dr. Rao. Fans of "Astonishing X-Men" will recall the name has popped up as a character who developed a "cure" for the mutant gene. Thanks to Rob Hezarkhani for the heads up on that.


TV Guide Online is reporting that "Star Wars" icon Carrie Fisher has signed on for at least one episode of the hit WB series, and Kryptonsite claims to have all the spoiler-ish dirt on who she will be, what she'll be doing, and whether or not it will be scruffy looking. Thanks to Rich Sands for the email about that.


In other news, Kryptonsite talked to writer Jeph Loeb about hs impending exodus from from the show's staff.


According to Toon Zone, we'll see a new episode of the Kids WB series in a mere ten days, when Solomon Grundy will return to Gotham City, seeking vengeance.


Variety is reporting that the lawsuit against the Tim Allen-fueled superhero comedy from Marvel Films has been dropped. The biggest issues came from the fact that it was about a school for mutants and that Sony decided to release it two weeks before the intended Memorial Day 2006 release for "X-Men 3" which may have "caused confusion." The desire to settle the matter in court was quelled when Sony moved Zoom back to early August to avoid the Wolfgang Poseidon remake Poseidon [sic], which had moved to the same May 13 date. Sony also made some changes to the Zoom script to maintain a PG rating, as well as changing a character's name and the location of a research lab to lessen the similarities between the two films.



Batman On Film is doing some rumorbashing about candidates for the Clown Prince of Crime. "With all the speculation regarding the casting of the Joker, I asked a longtime, trusted friend of BOF -- who is an industry 'insider' -- what he makes of all the rumors. Here are some of his thoughts: 'There's a lot of bull**** out there for sure! Here's what your readers need to keep in mind. Take for instance Steve Carell -- I'll use him as an example. It is entirely possible that someone at Warner threw his name out there for the role. That doesn't mean that he's a real candidate, he's only a suggestion. Same for many of the names that have been rumored and others we have yet to hear -- and we WILL hear more names! Here's how it goes: Studio suit 'X' will say 'What about so-and-so as The Joker?' They may even go as far as to have a mock-up of the actor done by a studio artist to see what the guy may look like. But that still doesn't mean he's an actual 'candidate.' On the other hand, you will have a certain actor's 'people' doing whatever it takes to get their guy's name out there. There is a lot of that sort of high jinks taking place. So what you have is that some of the people you have mentioned are seriously in the running for the role. Some are simply suggestions and probably will not make it any further than that. Others covet the role and are using sites such BOF and even message forums to get their name circulating. And then a lot of it is complete and utter crap. And of course my friend, it's your job to sort out all the BS!' Very interesting and enlightening. The two names that BOF has heard from reliable and longtime sources in conjunction to the role of The Joker are Paul Bettany and Lachy Hulme. The others, as far as I'm concerned, are products of speculation ..."


Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has all the inside detail on the upcoming DVD release for the smash Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation.


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