X-Men 3, Smallville, Fantastic Four, Batman Continues: November 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


Can you read Portuguese? If not this set report from Brazil, detailing fight scenes between Wolverine and Juggernaut, will probably not make much sense to you.

If your linguistic skills aren't quite up to par, perhaps you'd rather check out this story from Now Magazine where the ask actress Ellen Page about what it as like playing Kitty Pryde in a big budget film. "It's very different from what I'm used to," she said. "You'll have four cameras shooting at once while 30 explosions go off and Hugh Jackman's smoking a cigar. I never pictured myself in a leather suit. Who does?"

Finally, if you can handle it, here's some fresh spoilers heading your way.


According a rumormonger at the Television Without Pity "Smallville" message boards, casting is underway for a character named Maya, an "avenging angel" with powers similar to Clark. Online searches for similar characters in the Superman mythos have come up with nothing. If this rumor is true, casting notices are going out for a "drop-dead gorgeous Latina woman."


Comics Continuum has an updated on the French-made small screen adaptation of Marvel's first family, complete with a promotional image. Christopher Yost, the co-writer of the New X-Men comic book, is the head writer for the new Fantastic Four animated series.


There's a brief note at Moviehole about the sequel's casting rumor mill. "An insider dropped us an email earlier this week and told us that Christopher Nolan's actually the one that fancies Hulme for the clown prince of crime. Anything could change between now and the first day of principal photography though."


Speaking of crime fighting billionaires, Variety (subscription required) is confirming that the option on the Golden Avenger has expired and Tony Stark's coming home to the House of Ideas. The company may raise additional money to produce Iron Man itself as part of its new internal production slate. In such a case, the film would likely be distributed by Paramount, where Marvel has a distribution deal. "Right now we're concentrating on finding the right creative talent," said Marvel Studios' Avi Arad. "It's not a part of our slate deal, but we can raise the money to do it if we choose to. We would also have no difficulty licensing it to another studio." Marvel will now start development from scratch, commissioning a new script and possibly attaching a director before deciding whether to finance the film itself or license it again. Cassavetes remains a candidate to direct, Arad said.


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