X-Men 3, Sin City 2, Red Sonja, Legion of Super Heroes: May 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Of course the new TV commercial is available over at everybody's favorite site, YouTube. Also, you can get a close up look at one of the poster images over at Cinemania.


Actor Bruce Willis told If Magazine that he would not be in the sequel, but wasn't done playing Hartigan. "I would love to [work on another 'SIN CITY']," said Willis. "I'm not in the next one, but they're talking about doing a prequel to the story that I was in. I think that's something that's going to be around for a while. I would love to keep working on that."


According to Variety (subscription required), Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films are bringing sword-and-sorcery comic book heroine "Red Sonja" back to the big screen. Avi Lerner and Danny Dimbort's Millennium will finance and produce the pic with Emmett/Furla. Project's budget is north of $25 million.


The Superman Homepage has a first look at character designs for the show, courtesy of TV Guide. Characters represented look to be Timber Wolf, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Braniac 5, Phantom Girl and of course Superboy.


Actor/director Jon Favreau has apparently added Tony Stark to his Top 8 -- the MySpace blog tells the tale: "'Iron Man' will indeed be my next movie. Marvel is distributing it through Paramount which, for those of you playing at home, is also the studio that is developing 'John Carter of Mars.' That project is still a huge priority for me and I am still very much attached to it both as a director and producer. 'Iron Man' is the first Marvel production under its new distribution arrangement. My hope is that this will be reflected in the quality of the movie. Their films are self-financed and, as a result, don't have to run the typical creative gauntlet of studio development. What Marvel says, goes. As far as specifics, it will be set in the present and, as you would probably expect, includes a version of the origin story. I have set up a MySpace discussion group. I will post new info there as things come together. The internet is full of faulty info. I wanted to have at least one place where the facts would be correct."


IESB has new interviews with actors Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth from a Beverly Hills charity event. For example, Routh discussed his spin on the character. "The only thing that I can think of that sticks out to me is my approach really to Clark," Routh said. "He's a spy for Superman, which is kind of fun. He's just really excited about everything he does. He's not necessarily clumsy for the sake of being clumsy, but he gets really excited."

You can check for even more inside info from the event right here at CBR.


According to a story at IGN, the Nicolas Cage vehicle will motor into cineplexes in February 2007, with a video game released concurrently.


Devoted to Smallville (registration required) has six new promotional images featuring Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling.


In Cleveland, even photos of the clean up from the web-spinning shoot can be big news.


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