X-Men 3, Madman, Smallville, Captain America: March 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has two new photos from the mutant-minded movie, showing Magneto in action and Beast apparently yelling. There's also a note at The XVerse about actor Patrick Stewart appearing on British television, saying that he thinks labeling the third film as "the last one" could be just a tease to draw audiences to the theater. Stewart also said that Wolverine and Magneto films are in the works; while the latter will feature Magneto and Xavier, he believes they will use younger actors to tell stories from their past.


There's a post on the Mike Allred message board from the creator himself, saying that George Huang ("Swimming With Sharks") is co-writing the "Madman" movie for Robert Rodriguez to direct.


Two new interviews today, including one at the official website of actress Allison Mack, who talks about the show in somewhat spoileresque detail. A second interview with agent provocateur John Glover, who plays Lionel Luthor, talks about how he enjoys being a "magnificent bastard." "There's no Lionel in the Superman mythology Ð he's just pure imagination," Glover said. "He doesn't have to end up anywhere, as anything, and he can go in so many directions. That's been very freeing, for both the writers and me, plus nobody else has played the character before so there's no one to compete with."


Over at Australian movie site Moviehole, they've put two and two together to develop a theory. First they wrote, "it looks like the next fresh Marvel film will be 'Captain America.'" A few lines later they noted, "Let's go back a couple of questions ago, and talk about ÒCaptain AmericaÓ. We know that it has been commissioned by Paramount (David Self is scripting it), and that Favreau was/is working on 'John Carter Of Mars' for them, so it looks like a logical move. ThatÕs my pick anyway."


Comics Continuum has a report stating that Yuri Lowenthal is providing the voice of Clark Kent/Superboy in the upcoming animated series. They also note that Eric Canete is a background artist for the show. Canete was a storyboard artist for both "The Batman" and "Teen Titans" and is also known for his WildStorm comic-book series "Cybernary 2.0."


The Lifetime cable network (no, wait, you'll weird out on this one) sent out an ... unusual announcement yesterday: "Following her father's death in the line of duty, a young forensics investigator experiments with raising one's body temperature and accidentally triggers her own heat sensitive super powersÉ becoming Firebrand. A secret crime fighter by night, she must also juggle her sexually charged run-ins with the precinct's by-the-book captain. Executive Producers: Stan Lee (Marvel Comics), Tony Blake & Paul Jackson ("She Spies")." Stan Lee on Lifetime. Right.

Thanks to Rich Sands for the heads up on that one.


Old rumors never die ... they just get posted again and again and again. There's a tidbit in Moviehole's Gossip Monkey column saying, "Batman Vs SupermanÕ is still very much wanted by Wolfgang Petersen, but will it be a Christian Bale Batman or somebody else? Will it be a Brandon Routh Superman or somebody else? Will it be a battle of Nolan vs Singer vs Petersen or d) Oliver Stone! [sic] Yes, I heard his name spouted in the same breath. Anyway, Petersen's 'Poseidon' movie is looking like it could quite cause a 'Perfect Storm' at the Box Office. Ha ha, with Black Eyed Peas' girl Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson being mentioned for many a part of late." Grains of salt will be made available at the end of the column.


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