X-Men 3, Legend of Isis, Smallville, Asterix: December 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Everybody's buzzing about new photos in USA Today showing Ororo Monroe, Dr. Henry McCoy, Logan and Warren Worthington III in all their cinematic glory (fewer people seem interested in quotes from cast and crew, for some reason).

Coincidentally, a new domain has been purchased and redirected to the Fox site: XMen3TheLastStand.com. Take that as you will.

Meanwhile, there's an update on the special effects over at XMenFilms.net, stating that "[they] understand that WETA Digital are on board to work on the movie's visual effects! The New Zealand based Oscar-winning effects house credits include 'The Lord Of The Rings' Trilogy, 'Van Helsing,' 'I, Robot' and more recently they completed work on the highly-anticipated 'King Kong.' We can also exclusively tell you that Rhythm & Hues ('X-Men,' 'X2, 'LOTR,' 'Superman Returns') started work on visual effects for Phoenix last month. Kleiser-Walczak ('X-Men,' 'X2') are also back to work on Mystique shots plus other work that has yet to be determined. UK-based The Moving Picture Company ('Batman Begins,' 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,' 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire')are working on about 200 shots in the film. Framestore CFC ('MI: 2,' 'Underworld,' 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'),also based in the UK, are also working on a number of shots including Angel's fall from a building and a scene, featured in the teaser trailer, of two paper planes flying.

Finally, Comics Continuum claims that longtime writer Chris Claremont has a non-speaking cameo role, and Wolverine fans can see a deleted scene screen capture from the "Fantastic Four" DVD that shows a much more flexible Mister Fantastic than we're used to.


Speaking of Comics Continuum, they have some quotes from the future Beast himself, actor Kelsey Grammer about wanting to adapt the Darren Davis-created property for the screen. "They keep telling us that it's too expensive," Grammer said. "I really like it, though. I'm hoping it's something we can get through." Ali Russell wrote the script and the film is set up at Paramount, where Grammer has a first-look deal.


What presents do we have from our dear friends at Kryptonsite? Lessee, how about fresh spoilers for the season's fourteen episode, "Tomb?" Ooh, there's also two sets of screen captures for the next new episode, "Lexmas."


It seems that the Gallic powers that be are intent on striking back any way they can -- according to Newindpress.com, US fans will get a bit less than their international counterparts. "Interestingly, the English version of the film will be some 15 minutes shorter than the other dubbed versions," said Indian distributor Inderjeet Singh. "This is so because some sequences in the film had been cut keeping the US audience in mind."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Director Tim Story and scribe Mark Frost have signed on for the sequel, which is set for a July 4, 2007 release.


There's a rumor over at Batman-on-Film, actor Bob Hoskins is being considered for the role of Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin.


Oooh, screen captures? They're all over the Toon Zone message boards. Ultimate-styled Nick Fury? Damn right!


Toon Zone also has specs on DVD releases for the two animated series.


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