X-Men 3, Legend of Isis, Fantastic Four: September 17 Comic Reel Wrap


Based on a comment by James Marsden to TV Guide ("There bloody well better be a part in it for me"), buzz around Joss Whedon stepping in and taking on the mutant-themed franchise has increased.


Ready for a fresh trailer for the vampire-themed sequel? Superhero Hype is taking care of you, in both Windows Media and glorious QuickTime.


Well, there may be some confusion about who's gonna be old Purple Pants, but according to USA Today, Jennifer Connelly is committed to make a comeback as Betty Ross.


The gang at Cinescape have some spoilerish news from the Vancouver set of the Marvel adaptation, including a first look at the Thing (or at least an Alicia Masters-carved bust of him).


Producer Daniel Alter emailed the Comic Reel to let us know about a story in Variety (subscription required) about the former Image Comics property that'll be coming to the big screen, in conjunction with actor Kelsey Grammer's expanding Grammnet production company. "[Grammnet] has acquired tyro scribe Ali Russell's "Isis" pitch in a preemptive low- against mid-six-figure deal as a vehicle with feature and TV potential. Family action-adventure, described as being in the vein of 'Romancing the Stone' meets 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' centers on a young girl who finds the bracelet of Isis and inherits her powers in addition to awakening a dark force. Project's based on the Darren Davis comicbook of the same name."

Alter also exclusively told Superhero Hype that another Darren Davis project, "10th Muse," should have an announcement of a writer and a studio for an adaptation soon.


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