X-Men 3, Hellboy, Punisher, Smallville, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 6th


[Sir Ian McKellen]Britain's Teletext got the inside word directly from the Queen's man himself -- Sir Ian McKellen is interested and willing to sign on for another "X-Men" sequel. At the British Independent Film Awards, McKellen said, "X-Men and its story is about mutants, about people who feel disaffected with society, and whom society is hard on, appeals most to young blacks, young Jews and young gays. That's why I did the movie and that's why I intend to do the third movie." One would presume the cash helps as well.


Director Guillermo del Toro is back on the Hellboy Message Boards with more tidbits from next summer's extravaganza. It seems that the movie's corpse is a wink to fans but will retain both arms (long story), del Toro claims he has "100% freedom" to do the kind of movie he wants to do, and Santiago Segura (playing Torrente) will have a fight with Hellboy. Some high resolution shots from the film are also available at MySan, and actress Selma Blair was interviewed by Countingdown.net about her pyrokinetic role in the film, talking extensively about her character and her role.


ComiXFan has an almost ridiculous number of stills from the new "Punisher" trailer available for your enjoyment.


Our dear friends at Kryptonsite have a new gallery of photos from the November 19th episode, "Shattered," with the requisite spoilerish plot description in their spoiler section (natch).


DVD Answers has artwork for the soon to be released "Superman: Last Son of Krypton," comprising the episodes that kicked off the 1996 animated Superman series. The Region 1 DVD will be available for about fifteen bucks and should be in store February 2004.


Almost forgot this one -- Toon Zone notes that Warner Bros. Animation has named Roland Poindexter to the newly created position of Senior Vice President, Action-Adventure Properties. That means this guy will be greenlighting (or not) all Warner related animated action, from Bats to Supes (no apologies to John Byrne), Titans to JL and so forth. Basically, he's got every geek's dream job, so stay in school, et cetera, et cetera.


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