X-Men 3, Garfield 2, Superman, Namor: Comic Reel Wrap for April 8th


Snikt, bub. According to RTE Guide, Hugh Jackman has joined Famke Janssen in signing on for a third "X-Men" movie. The studio is still trying to hammer out deals with Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart.

Meanwhile, Moviehole talked to screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who talked about the rewriting process. When asked about Dark Phoenix, he said, "I'm not allowed to say, but ... it was set up pretty well in the second movie. So, that's part of the third movie, but there's a new plot that's the story of the film."


According to Variety, Fox has signed director Tim Hill to helm its sequel to the family comedy "Garfield: The Movie."


Director Bryan Singer has posted his sixth video blog at BlueTights.net. the film's crew is back in Sydney for the duration of the shoot, and they take a closer look at a certain crashed spaceship.

In other news, News.com is reporting that the rebel billionaire Sir Richard Branson will appear in the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation. "Brian invited me to appear in the Superman film and he's using a Virgin Galactic airship in the film," Branson said. "I think today I'm going to be doing a fun little cameo role with my son Sam so it's going to be a good day."


Ryan Reynolds went back to IESB.net (Windows Media only) to throw water on rumors of him in winged feet and a speedo.


Kryptonsite has so much going on, we don't have time for banter about it. First, they've got high-resolution screen captures of the trailer for the next new episode "Onyx." Across the aisle, their arch enemies Devoted to Smallville has photos of Erica Durance at the Jules Verne Film Festival. Wireimage.com also has three sets of photos (also from the Jules Verne festival). Finally, actor Michael Rosenbaum talked to Zap2it.com about spoilers and all things Lex Luthor, especially the aforementioned "Onyx." "You know," Rosenbaum says, "there comes an episode in an actor's life ... I'm trying to make this as melodramatic as I can. It's been a good time this year, but I'm always ready to do a little stretching. I'll be honest, I freaked out when I first saw this script. The first thing I do when I get a script, I don't read it, I go through and see how much I'm in it, like every other actor. My line, my line, bulls**t, my line.' I started looking at it and realized, 'There are 50 pages in this script, and I'm in 47 of them.' I freaked out and took a Xanax. It was something like 15, 16 straight days. It was just a lot of dialogue. Once I started to get into it, I got really excited. A lab experiment goes wrong; Lex splits in half. It's the stuff people have been waiting for, for four years. There are a lot of fun things, all the things Lex has wanted to do all the years, in all the episodes, like tell Jonathan Kent to shut up, give him a little smacking. I've been dying to hurt Jonathan Kent, and in this episode, I get to. I get so upset. I want to beat the crap out of John just because he plays Jonathan. I get to beat the crap out of Clark. I got to beat the crap out of my father. And I get to make a pass at Lana. And the most important thing, the most fun, was beating the crap out of myself over and over."


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