X-Men 3, Fantastic Four 2, The Covenant: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 22nd


Superhero Hype has an article about a British Columbia casting call for the next mutant-based sequel. "'X-Men 3' Casting Call. Sunday July 24th 2005, 11am-2pm, At The Vacation Inn 3020 Douglas Street at Mayfair Mall. BACKGROUND PERFORMERS/ EXTRAS NEEDED, Ages 7-99 yrs. We would like to see really interesting looking kids and adults of all ethnicities. Also twins, triplets, quads, albino, really big or tall, really short or small, ugly and strange looking. FILMING IN VICTORIA AREA Approx. AUGUST 8th to AUGUST 27th, 2005. Must be accompanied by an adult if under 15yrs old."



CHUD talked to actor Michael Chiklis, who danced around the sequel question. "I've worked for 17 months straight, no break. I shoot this until beginning of August and I start The Shield in mid-September, and then I go right into, from what I understand, the second installment of 'Fantastic Four' ... It's not confirmed yet, but the conversation is that as early as next spring, maybe early summer to shoot."


According to Production Weekly, "Renny Harlin is set to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel 'The Covenant,' by 'Crossing Jordan' writer Aron Coleite and artist Tone Rodriguez."



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