X-Men 3, Ex Machina, Smallville, Sky High: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 27th


Superhero Hype is reporting that recent filming in San Francisco was done for a new trailer, "due out sometime before Christmas."

Meanwhile, X-Men Films has an update on the crew. XMF's 'Robert' can exclusively reveal the name of a new addition to the X-Men 3 team! The crew of the highly anticipated sequel is now as good as complete now that Mark Helfrich (ACE) has signed on as editor. Mark confirmed this when asked by XMF, saying; 'Yes, I will be editing 'X3,' as I have all of Brett Ratner's films.' But, he added 'this project will have 3 editors. Academy Award nominee Mark Goldblatt A.C.E. ('Terminator' 1&2, 'Pearl Harbor') and Julia Wong ('Erin Brockovich,' 'Unfaithful') will be editing with me." Mark's other credits include 'Predator,' 'Last Boy Scout' and 'Tales from the Crypt.' To make sure the film comes out in excellent condition for its May 26, 2006 release, multiple individuals will be performing similar tasks."


Finally, Ain't It Cool News has a rumor that Xavier's students will get a field trip to the Rock. Without capitalization, one of their scoopers wrote, "i work on alcatraz island out in the san francisco bay, and we have film crews out all the time, from the travel channel to bbc and more, so we hardly ever pay attention to them anymore. but today a film crew was out, and they were taking lots of shots of the city from the island. the clapboard read 'x-men 3,' not sure if they'll be out again tomorrow, if they are i will try and et some pics. i didn't see anyone but crew, so i am guessing this is all second unit stuff. would love to see wolverine claw his way off the rock!"



Still milking the one panel no one else seemed to cover in San Diego, Comics Continuum posted some quotes from Brian K. Vaughan about his new film option. "It wasn't really too much of a fight, honestly. It was a project that I'm passionate about and I care about," Vaughan said. "And I said, 'I'd love to write it if you give me a shot.' And they said, 'We would like you to do that, too.' So there wasn't a lot of lobbying. I don't think if you're going to do a summer action movie, no one's going to see something where in act one you're an incredible, exciting super-hero, and at the end, you're a guy sitting at a desk passing bills and talking about filling potholes. You really do have to reinvent it from the ground up, and I'm excited about doing that. I'm just getting started on it."



Kryptonsite has a bevy of news, including fresh spoilers about a new set the show will be using and word on an on-set injury. "Stunt coordinator Christopher Sayour suffered 'multiple fractures and internal injuries during the filming of a stunt sequence,' according to a family statement. The family has asked that the media 'respect our privacy as he undergoes various procedures in the coming days.' According to reports, Sayour fell 37 feet from a tower. Production was halted on Tuesday but is expected to resume today."


Dark Horizons has an interview with actor Kurt Russell about playing "Commander Courage" in the Disney superhero movie, while Superhero Hype talked to Lynda Carter.


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