X-Men 3, Death, Fantastic Four 2, Wonder Woman: September 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Oh, the news we have for you, you sassy little pomegranates. First, an anonymous insider wrote in to say that the special effects team spent part of last week working on a fight scene involving a "character who has the ability to multiply and withdraw his duplicates back into himself" and whom the crew referred to as a "multiple man." Thanks for that amazing scoop, apparently exclusive to CBR.

Meanwhile, blogger Tony Lazzarini posted a tidbit about a huge special effect on the set. "The producers spent 1.8 million dollars (yes, million) to build a model of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is not your ordinary tabletop replica but a 2500-foot long, down to the last bolt, duplicate. The movie trailer and finale scenes have already been shot."

There's also two photos of the real and perceived Wolverine on set (also here in case the Fox Legal Ninjas make their move). Snikt, bub!

FInally, art director Chad Sterling Feey has noted on his website that he's joined the crew. "I've been in Vancouver, British Columbia since the beginning of July working as an Art Director on Fox Studios 'X-Men' series. Production Designer Ed Verreaux and Supervising Art Director Geoff Hubbard are American based while our Canadian based counter parts are Helen Jarvis and Sandi Tanaka."


According to Sci Fi Wire, "Constantine" actor Shia LeBeouf is not done playing in the Vertigo sandbox. Me and Neil Gaiman are working on Death right now," LaBeouf said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. "We're trying to turn that into a film." LeBeouf doubts we'll see a sequel to "Constantine," though, saying, "It's a money thing. It didn't make enough money ... domestically for them to [do it]. It's an expensive movie. They had to make a lot of money back to get their money back."


Actor Julian McMahon talked to IESB.net about plans for the next film. "Fox is moving forward on a sequel to Fantastic Four, that film made lot's of money and will make loads more with the DVD release, we have been told to expect to start shooting next year" says McMahon. He added that he has been told that Dr. Doom is expected to have some help this time around. When asked if the Puppet Master will lending a hand he said that he couldn't comment.


Who's the latest actress rumors to be sized up for a Wonder-bustier? CHUD's Dave Davis said, "Fresh from my email inbox, here's another seemingly random actress supposedly interested in the role: saucer-eyed, bounteously bosomed beauty Katherine Heigl, the former 'Roswell' alien and Seagal niece who's currently on the hot hospital series 'Grey's Anatomy.'  And while I suspect that (much like the all the Joker talk for the next Batman movie) it's little more than the wishful casting of admirers, or friends or talent representatives getting her name into "interest circulation" even though it'll be many months before casting happens, I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it.  And I hate being remiss."


Composer Danny Elfman came clean to About.com about his falling out with director Sam Raimi. "I'm not working on 'Spider-Man 3,'" the composer said. "I'm out of that. I won't miss not doing it. 'Spider-Man 2' was a miserable experience. It's like my connection with Sam got completely severed. As far as I'm concerned, he went to sleep, somebody put a pod next to him and when he awoke, he wasn't the same person I'd known for a decade. He went from right there number two on my list of favorite directors to the exact opposite of what I look for in a film experience which is everything I could do on 'Spider-Man 1,' I couldn't do on 'Spider-Man 2.' He got so intensely attached to the temp music that I couldn't even adapt my own music close enough. Let me put it that way. I couldn't get close enough to me, least of all anybody else who was in the temp score. It's the first time I've ever walked from a director in 20 years and hopefully the last time I have to turn my back on somebody but it became like intolerable. And I've been on some heavy duty films, so to say that, it had to be pretty bad. I've been in war zones you couldn't believe in 55 films but this is the first time I said, 'I've had it. It's just not worth it. I'd rather go back to waiting tables than to do 'Spider-Man 2' again, to have to have the same experience."


We got an email from Ian Driscoll, writer of "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter" about that Ed Harris item in yesterday's news wrap. Seems Driscoll's partner in crime Canadian film maker Lee Demarbre put together a little video snippet from the event, and posted it for you over on this German server (take that, international copyright laws). Scroll down, click "free" and wait, you'll get it.


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