X-Men 3, Catwoman, Y: The Last Man, Blade and more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 14, 2003


Contrary to some reports, Halle Berry is in talks to appear in the third "X-Men" movie, according to Tribute magazine.


In a flurry of Halle-related news, SuperHeroHype.com caught her appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" where she dropped some tidbits on her feline starring role. Warning, some fairly big plot spoilers are included therein.


Cinescape drops the bomb by way of news on Isaac Asimov's "Foundation." David Goyer, a producer on the now-filming "Blade: Trinity" is producing the Vertigo adaptation, and screenwriter Jeff Vintar (also adapting Asimov's "I, Robot" with Will Smith attached) will be handling the scripting chores, confirmed by Variety.


Speaking of the Wesley Snipes vampire flick, curvy actress Jessica Biel talked to Fangoria about her involvement, her weapons and her wardrobe.


Cinescape also reports some info from Lisa Gerrard, working on "this VERY dark soundtrack" to the "Hellblazer" adaptation.


The bullet-ridden news keeps on coming. If you have Realplayer, you can click here for Thomas Jane's expletive-heavy comment on the significance of the skull on his chest.


Scifi.com reports that comedic actor Michael McKean ("A Mighty Wind," "Best in Show") will be guest starring on the WB hit show on October 29th as an editor of a major metropolitan newspaper, someone canonical fans might just remember as "chief."


Following up our item on producer Gale Anne Hurd earlier this week, Moviehole.com notes the latest issue of WhatDVD magazine, where Eric Bana told interviewers that he's theoretically attached to star in a gamma-powered sequel, but nothing concrete (i.e. checks and/or contracts) have developed as of yet.


Pace de Leon wrote in to point out a wrong link in yesterday's article. The proper link to the new Hellboy animated short making the rounds is here, but be careful, it's a direct download and probably not a small chunk of bandwidth.


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