X-Men 3, Catwoman, Whiteout, more: May 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Patrick Stewart told the Los Angeles Daily News that "There are stirrings at Fox now in connection with 'X-Men 3.'" Allegedly, Stewart expects to be climbing back into Professor Xavier's wheel chair by next year.


Halle Berry told "Entertainment Tonight" that she likes the costume she wears in the upcoming feline action flick. "It's so different from the other ones," Berry said. "Catwoman has been done by some great actresses, so I thought, 'If we're going to do a whole movie about it, what can we make new about it? So the costume was the first area that we thought, let's make it 2004. Let's make it edgy, a little more sexy and more reflective of our times now. So I love that it's not just a plain catsuit." You can see the clip in Windows Media format here


According to Yahoo! Finance, Avi Arad revealed that Marvel plans to have a Thomas Jane-fueled sequel ready for release by Fall 2005.


According to Newsarama, writer Greg Rucka talked about cinematic developments on two of his properties. "The 'Whiteout' movie is still moving ahead with Reese Witherspoon as star and executive producer. The script is on the second draft, and the production company is looking for directors. Rucka said that he feels the writers get the story's idea, and any changes they've made are appropriate. In regards to the 'Queen and Country' film, Rucka said that the first two drafts were 'phenomenal,' and feels that the Q&C film may move ahead faster than Whiteout."


IGN's Filmforce did some tracking on the persistent rumor that singer/actor Tyrese Gibson is ready to put on the chain and tiara as the lead in the John Singleton-helmed Marvel adaptation. The site "contacted Mr. Gibson's reps at the William Morris Agency and manager Jerome Martin's office, both of whom declined to comment on the matter. Mr. Martin's office referred us to Marvel 'for confirmation.' Marvel did not reply to IGNFF's inquiry by publishing time." In the Q1 conference call, Marvel noted that the 2005 release "has a script (Ben Ramsey), director (John Singleton) and actors who they can't announce yet."


Devoted to Smallville has a scan from an interview with producer Al Gough, which is due to hit newsstands May 18th in Dreamwatch magazine. The interview is three pages, and the fan site has scanned two of them, with one noted above and another spotlighting some fairly well-known spoilers for the episodes "Forsaken" and "Covenant."


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