X-Men 3, Catwoman, Daredevil 2, more: March 9th Comic Reel Wrap


In an interview with Horror.com, Hugh Jackman said, "I'm not contracted for any more X-Men. But would I like to do it? I'd find it hard to see someone else play the role, yeah. I love both of them. If I hated the movies and had to come back again, it would be a terrible situation."


The Catwoman Unofficial site has notes from two interviews, including director Pitof talking to England's Total Film magazine and Halle talking to Dutch television show Pulse.

Pitof told Total Film, "This film will create a brand new universe for Catwoman. The possibility of Batman existing will be kept open, just in case someone wants to make a film with the two of them, but Batman is not part of this film. With Catwoman, we're starting from the beginning."

Halle Berry talked about her character, Patience Philips, saying, "Patience is a graphic artist, so it makes sense that she'd have a great costume. She has an artistic side that comes out in her behaviour, her drawings and her relationships. She looks like a warrior." When she discussed why she took the role, she said, "I chose the role because I'm always wanting to do something different, and what could be further from Miranda Gray in 'GOTHIKA,' than Catwoman? I sort of love the genre ... I got a taste of it with 'X-MEN,' but I had a really small role in 'X-MEN,' and now I get to be Catwoman, and I love sort of that comic book world. I think people love those kinds of movies and I love being apart of movies that people actually see, and actually enjoy."


Director Guillermo del Toro is quick to issue rumor control. He posted on his online home, the Hellboy Message Boards, "Not true at all. I have been approached for other Marvel projects. But not this one. As of now I have no plans to do a comic movie in the future except for DOMU and/or COFFIN." He did not rule out a "Hellboy" sequel, however.


Superhero Hype has a rumor about possible new shooting locations. "Was walking about in Canary Wharf, London yesterday afternoon," a scooper wrote in, "and came across some guys who were setting up for lighting tests and a couple of test photos of the towers for the Batman film at West India Quay. A couple of the guys seemed to be under the impression that one of the three main towers there will double for Wayne Enterprises building or something." Also available are panoramic views of the buildings and more specific photos as well. Finally, Ain't It Cool News has a script review of the new David Goyer-penned, Christopher Nolan directed Bat flick. "Having thought it over and after reading the script, 'BATMAN BEGINS' is the best possible title, and it sets the franchise off to a terrific start, with so much potential that fanboys will need to wear raincoats to the theater, so overcome with orgasmic joy will they be." There are an alarming amount of spoilers contained therein.


Superhero Hype also has report from Nagadoches, Texas, where Bruce Campbell was in attendance for the Nagadoches Film Festival. Their spy wrote, "I asked Bruce about his cameo in 'Spiderman 2.' He said that it's not just a cameo, he actually DEFEATS SPIDERMAN. Of course, that's all he could say. He added, in true sarcastic Bruce manner, that 'in the first film I named him, in the second I defeat him, in the third I will probably play him!'"

As well, Amazon.com has several sequel related books sprinkled in to their regular selection of trade paperbacks and books from the first film, some of which have spoilers for the new film.


Apple has posted an internet-only trailer at their site.


The staff at Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from the last episode, "Crisis."


According to ToonZone, Warner Home Videos will give the "boxed set" treatment to "Batman: The Animated Series," "Superman: The Animated Series" and "Teen Titans," with a high probability of "Justice League" getting similar treatment as well.


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