X-Men 3, Batman Continues, Sin City, Smallville: August 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


How about this heat? According to his official website, actor Aaron Stanford will be returning to Magneto's side as Pyro in the next mutant-themed movie from Marvel. Actress Ashlyn Dixon has similar information on her resume, and it looks like Aion Art is providing some support as well (see bottom of page).

Somebody uploaded a photo of giant silks (screens used to reflect light for filming) used on the set at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia.

Finally, how cool is it for an entire family to get to be extras on a movie? Well, this family did it up X-Men style and then brought their experience to you.



According to producer Charles Roven, who talked to the Chicago Sun-Times, everything you know is a lie. "The Internet has the Joker cast already," Roven said. "The 'Net has also cast the Riddler. It's just all rumors. ... The truth is we haven't even decided who will be the next villain." He claims the playing card we saw at the end of "Batman Begins" "was our way of tipping our hats to the very first 'Batman' movie." (No, not this one)

As for when we can expect a sequel, Roven said, "It's up to [director] Chris Nolan and his schedule. He wants to make another movie first."



Now Playing Magazine has a great interview with the legendary Frank Miller, where the "Sin City" scribe said the stories "could go on forever." Miller said he and co-director Robert Rodriguez are "working on the final touches of how the story [for 'Sin City 2'] is going to work, and we're right now planning to start shooting in January. The Weinsteins have been amazing and totally behind this project every step of the way. ['Sin City'] had the feeling of a winner right from the start, and so even before it came out, Harvey put it up for a nomination at Cannes. … It was just a dream project. How could we not revisit it?"



Kryptonsite is has a slight spoiler that implies that it's beginning to look a lot like Georgia on the back roads of Kansas' weirdest town.

In other news, stuntman Christopher Sayour is still in "very serious condition" after his fall on the set, according to Hollywood North Report.


Comics Continuum is reporting that the Bongo Comics adaptation is moving forward at the Sci Fi Channel. "We just sent the pilot script to the network," said co-creator Bill Morrison, "and hopefully they'll love it and give us the green light. The pilot will be a two-hour movie." Morrison wrote the script with collaborator Scott Gimpel.


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