X-Men 3, Art School Confidential, Garfield 2, Aquaman: April 5th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety (subscription required), The 59th annual Cannes Film Festival will have a strong Hollywood presence thanks to Fox's "X-Men: The Last Stand." The festival runs from May 17th through May 28th.

Meanwhile, you can catch the new commercial that ran on Fox last night, thanks to everybody's favorite site, YouTube. Or, you could just enjoy some of the four screen captures available.


Writer Dan Clowes talked to IGN's FilmForce about the newest adaptation of his work. "It's about as autobiographical as a dream is autobiographical," Clowes said. "It's taking the elements of my emotional life and dealing with being an artist for the last 20 years and putting them in a dramatic context. These are things that I think about and I worry about and occupy my unconscious at all times. As far as the events actually happening, they're all bits and pieces of things that happened to me or happened to friends or stories I've heard. To some extent all of it is true, even the parts that don't seem true."


You can check out the new trailer at Latino Review.


The Homestead Air Reserve Base was used as a set for the new live action show, and they posted a gallery of photos showing just what happened. The Air Force also posted an article giving the lowdown.


Comics Continuum has an updated image from the French-produced animated series, coming to Cartoon Network this fall.


TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has more spoilers in his most recent column, while Sci Fi Wire has an article over disputed copyright ruling that could have a whole lot of money headed to the Siegel heirs. Finally, TV.com has posted a preview clip for next week's episode, "Void," and Devoted to Smallville (registration required) has screen captures of it.


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