X-Men 3, Aquaman, Blade, Superman Returns: November 10th Comic Reel Wrap


According to The Sun, actor Vinnie Jones is happy with his larger-than-life role. "I wasn't really a comic kid but I've got into my role for 'X-Men,'" he said. "You don't have to worry about too much dialogue as a superhero but it's a nice rest as I've just done 110 pages on another new film, 'Johnny Was.'"

The XVerse is also reporting that we'll see a full trailer in February as well as Hugh Jackman making a special appearance on "The Simpsons" in conjunction with the film's release.


Fans of fast swimming and the water ball attack are in luck. Once it was just a rumor at a Kryptonsite spinoff, but now TV Guide is saying "Those rumors you heard about a possible Aquaman spin-off? All true."


Variety (subscription required) has confirmed that Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones has been cast as Marvel's Daywalker for the Spike TV series.


The official site is now online, with some possible spoilers, downloads and more. Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has confirmed that Harry Potter fans will be the first to see the Man of Steel as a trailer attached to "The Goblet of Fire."


In a live chat, actor Liev Schreibner denied being cast, but wouldn't turn down the role.


In tidbit noted here at CBR, creator Joss Whedon said, "'Wonder Woman' is finally kicking ass that is not my ass, as in, I'm loving this script. She's saving the world in a tiara, people; this is why there's a me!"


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