X-Men 3, Aquaman, Art School Confidential, Superman Returns: May 8th Comic Reel Wrap


The bulk of the news today comes postmarked from Westchester, as Marvel's merry mutants make a stand on MySpace (further proving literally every sentient on the planet is there, even fictional characters). If you poke around at Kino-Express, you can find some new stills even if you don't understand ... what is that, Cyrillic? Bringing it back to English, director Brett Ratner has posted more photos on his website as well.

Speaking of photos, this site has photos of banner billboards now visible in Mexico City. Ooh, we're all international today!

Another TV spot? All right, if you insist, thanks to YouTube. Plus actor Hugh Jackman talked about being Logan to Wizard Magazine, saying "My favorite part about playing Wolverine is he just doesnÕt give a sh-- what anyone thinks about him. ThatÕs just always fun to play. ThereÕs not many people on the planet who are like that. So thereÕs something that really draws us to those people."

Oh, and just for kicks, the official website has been updated with some of the TV spots, new downloads and more.


According to Variety (subscription required), the moist hourlong drama may not be a certainty after all, while "Ultra" may end up on the new CW network instead.


IGN's FilmForce has an interview with director Terry Zwigoff who talked about the Daniel Clowes adaptation. "What I liked about this script is that it started out as a very conventional college comedy," Zwigoff said. "Light and silly, almost like an Animal House-type of thing and it got progressively darker. I talked to the director of photography, Jamie Anderson, about reflecting that in the way we were going to light it as we went. In general, we tried to follow that with the costume design as well. But it was a mixture for me. It slowly drags the audience to this darker place, which I know they don't want to go to. I find that all the time. People like light and silly and they like stuff that's really energetic and you get a character in a film bouncing around and screaming, people laugh. That's all it takes. I don't find that funny. To me what's funny is dialogue and nuance of character and performance. But I liked the fact that (the script) started out with the audience thinks they're going to be in this other film and they you slowly take them in this other direction. I liked that about it."


The documentary "Look Up In The Sky," made by director Bryan Singer, makes its debut on DVD June 20th, and there's a trailer available in Real and Windows Media formats.


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