X-Men 3, Angel, Jeremiah, Jake 2.0, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 7th


Sci Fi Wire talked to James Marsden about his involvement in the brewing plans for an "X3." He confirms that producers have talked to him about reprising his role as "Slim" Summers, but he hasn't been made privy to the story outline that's being bandied about. He also says that fans have talked to him, expressing interest in seeing the Dark Phoenix Saga come to the silver screen. "I interviewed some of these fans, and they'd very much like that to happen. I guess that would include me a lot, because she'd become super cosmic and evil. So that would be an interesting dichotomy, to have Hugh Jackman [Wolverine] and [me] team up to stop her." Marsden added that he's still eager to play the title character in director Rachel Talalay's proposed film adaptation of the Preacher comic book series. Meanwhile, Halle Berry sat down with Moviehole and said that neither the Bond spin off "Jinx" nor a third X-Men movie are on her radar right now. "I think it's going to be time for me to make some decisions about how many of these women I can really be. I have these serious choices that I have to make coming up soon, and I don't know if that will be one of them."


Fans of the Dark Horse vampire books will be happy with the Comics Continuum, who posted images and a brief synopsis of the November 12 episode, "Lineage."


Fans of TV and comic book scribe J. Michael Straczynski will want to check the season finale of "Jeremiah" tonight at 10PM EST on Showtime, a look at the mysteries that surround Mister Smith (not my hero, Agent Smith).

JAKE 2.0

Speaking of genre television, the UPN action adventure show about a "geek" who gets super powers and becomes a government agent, has been picked up for a full season, a real accomplishment in these tough times.


Christian-based comic "The Cardinal" is plowing through its shooting schedule, and John Martin sent us these photos, to give you an idea how it's going.


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