X-Men 3, Aliens vs. Predator, Hyde, Mutant X: Comic Reel Wrap for December 8th


X3Movie.net has a quote from James Marsden about what he hopes for the next movie. "Hopefully with the loss of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) in the second film and her potential return as a different character (the evil Dark Phoenix), we might be able to delve into the emotional side of Cyclops a bit more. I'm not signed yet for X3. I've recieved word that they're interested in having me in X3, and I'd be very happy to be a part of it." Variety also officially announced that negotiations had begun with Brian Singer for the new mutant sequel.


Cinescape has more details on Sanaa Lathan's character in the upcoming fight flick, comparing her character to Ridley from the classic quadrilogy, and noting that filming starts in Prague October 28th.


Comics Continuum reports that actor John Shea will return as Adam Kane in four episodes this season, and also has a complete listing of episodes for this season.


Those crazed Canucks at Hollywood North Report have new high resolution photos from the respective Vancouver sets, and note that the casts played hockey against one another (with results yet to be posted as of press time). Our money is on Halle having a speed advantage over Wesley ...


IGN Filmforce reports that New Line Cinema has brought on board the writing team of Joel Cohen & Alec Sokolow to rewrite Academy Award-winner William Goldman's script. They say that, "The possible hiring of Cohen & Sokolow suggests that New Line wants a lighthearted Shazam! movie, which isn't necessarily inappropriate considering that Captain Marvel is hardly The Dark Knight. The question, though, is whether the film will be tongue-in-cheek or flat-out campy," for a 2005 film.


CBR scribe and comics veteran Steven Grant has optioned "Mortal Souls" to independent film producers Chris Moore and Craig Falzone, according to ICv2.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that "Dimension Films has acquired film rights to Steve Niles' 'Hyde,' a comic book proposal that re-imagines the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde horror story, in a deal worth mid-six figures. Mike Fleiss is producing."


Moviehole sat down with Tom Welling for an interview, where the actor discussed his new film "Cheaper by the Dozen" and his work on "Smallville." "I wanted to do something different, in a different medium, something that would allow me to be a little more free. A lot of times on Smallville the way we shoot the show is we'll shoot the master, then we'll go in and do some medium range shots and then, if you've ever seen Smallville, they love to go right into these real smackers right here, these real big close-ups. What that does, is you don't have a lot of movement at that point. Now, on this film I knew that there we could move around, that there'd be a little bit more room, a little more space, a little more space to create, and a lot more leeway. That was very enticing to me." In other "Smallville" news, Kryptonsite checks out "Entertainment Weekly" covering the show, and specifically discusses details of filming the new episode "Velocity."


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