X-Men 2 & 3, Hellboy, Catwoman, Iron Man: Comic Reel Wrap for November 14th


Countingdown.com has a wire report about ways fans can win a chance to attend the "X2" launch event. Geeks will be pleased -- dress up as an "X-Treme Mutant" (sic) and go down to Hollywood's Knitting Factory at noon on Tuesday, November 18th. 50 winners and their guests will get a chance to come back for the party itself, where they'll be judged by Stan Lee himself while watching the X2 DVD on big screens. The grand prize winner will take away a plasma screen TV, a DVD collection, and Xbox, a Playstation 2 and more.


Countingdown.com also has a new image gallery of photos from the Ron Perlman-helmed movie.


The Vancouver Sun has a tidbit about Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman in "X2" and whose role as a power-swiping teen in "Smallville." Ashmore returns to Kansas' weirdest town as an inmate in an insane asylum, desperate to regain his powers.


Halle Berry is in love ... with a feline friend. USA Today notes that she's adopted a rescued shelter cat called "Fig Newton" and considers the animal her "muse." "He comes up with some good sounds he makes all night long that I'm definitely going to use," Berry said. In the article she also hints that her position on a third turn as Storm is not intractible.


IGN's Filmforce has some updates on two Marvel movie properties. "Smallville" wunderkinds Miles Millar and Alfred Gough are allegedly working on a second draft for a Shellhead flick, and director Mark Steven Johnson ("SImon Burch") is in the "final stages" of his screenplay for the Spirit of Vengeance.


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