Is There Another Summers-Grey Offspring Out There?

In Left Unresolved, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved.

Reader Domingo B. wrote in to ask about this unresolved plot from "X-Man."

The mutant known as Threnody first showed up in "X-Men" #27 (by Fabian Nicieza, Robert Bennett, Bob Wiacek and Scott Hanna), where she was freaking out due to being near mutants dying of the Legacy Virus. The pain from the death sort of powered here up, but it was painful for her, as well. Mister Sinister tried to capture her so that he could use her for his own purposes, but Rogue intervened and the result was Threnody exploding with her pent up power...

When they recovered, Sinister explained that he was going to use her as a sort of "bloodhound," to find more infected mutants. Beast reluctantly agreed that that was probably for the best (kind of a jerk move by Beast, really).

She then showed up in "X-Man" #13 (by John Ostrander, Luke Ross and Rob Hunter), as she had escaped from Sinister and was being hunted by the Marauders. She sought out Nate Grey (who was a clone from the "Age of Apocalypse" who was created through the combination of Scott Summers and Jean Grey's DNA) for help and he assisted her in her escape...

They became traveling companions for a while, while Nate was determining whether she was secretly working for Sinister or not (perhaps even subconsciously). They traveled to New York, where they began to fall in love (here in "X-Man"# 21 by Terry Kavanagh, Roger Cruz and Bud De La Rosa...

They had a great first kiss...

Threnody, though, realized that she was becoming addicted to the surge she received from her powers when people died. She found herself more and more drawn to death, which made her worry if she was going to start just murdering people. She already began to feed on terminally ill people. Nate broke up with her over it, telling her to only come back to him once she was willing to move past her death addiction.

Then Threnody was seemingly killed by Madelyne Pryor (long story - I'll get into it some other day. It's super weird in and of itself), but then she survived even THAT, as she basically couldn't die, as her own death ALSO fed her to the point of resurrecting her. However, she now had the ability to draw essentially zombies to her. The zombies, though, were drawn to her whether she wanted them there or not, which was a problem.

She stayed out of Nate's way this whole time (so he figured she had just blown him off). She eventually reunited with him in "X-Man" #59 (by Terry Kavanagh, Mike Miller and Bud De La Rosa), where she began to feed off of Nate's life force and she claimed that that is why she had been with him this whole time, that she had just been subtly feeding off of him the entire time that they had been together. It's pretty clear that she is lying, though, and at the end of the issue (after Nate helped her get away from the zombies following her), we see that she has a BABY!!!

Is the baby NATE'S?!!? Is there some more Summers/Grey DNA out there! We don't know, since it has never been resolved. Come on, Marvel, this is a plot dangler that wouldn't be too hard to address! Just say the baby is someone else's and move on. Or maybe it's not even a baby! Or maybe it's a DEAD baby (that'd be messed up, but hey)!!

Thanks to Domingo for the suggestion! If anyone else has a suggestion for a future installment, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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