X-Force Writer on Why Wolverine and Beast Are Integral to the Team

X-Force writer Benjamin Percy explained why he chose Wolverine and Beast to be a part of the revamped team's lineup.


"In January, we all got together and had out first X-Men summit," Percy explained to Adventures in Poor Taste. "Part of that discussion was who’s on your team? We made hundreds of 3×5 notecards and slid them around on the table and talked about different formations. And there was a little bit of horse-trading that went on. But I knew from the very beginning I wanted Wolverine and Beast."

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"The reason I wanted those two was because this current formation of X-Force is unlike one we’ve ever seen before," he continued. "This is a mutant nation, which means X-Force is equivalent to the CIA. So we have an intelligence unit–a group of analysts. Then we have those involved in the wetwork. So if you think of Beast as the head, Wolverine is the fist. I was really interested in that dynamic and the ways in which they would align with each other, but also bash up against each other as well, because of unsound decisions that those parties might make."

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X-Force #1, by Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara, goes on sale Nov. 6 from Marvel Comics.

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