X-Force to be collected in TPB, preview of the cover

They said that it couldn't be done. They said that it shouldn't be done.

They were wrong.

With the arrival of writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred in May, the sales on X-FORCE have steadily increased, gaining over 15,000 new readers in only four months.

"I figured the revamped X-FORCE would find a new audience. But what's really cool is the hardcore fans that stayed on board -- who, when all was said and done, were open to something different," explained Sr. Editor Axel Alonso. "Marvel rolled the dice with this one and it paid off royally. Oh, yeah... can I take off the flak jacket now?"

"I knew, once we received the letter from the fan who threw up after reading his copy of X-FORCE, that we had a sure fire hit on our hands!" said Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada.

After digesting the title's deadly serious and darkly satirical examination of celebrity culture, critics from around the industry have weighed in with a roar of praise:

"Peter Milligan has finally taken mutants to the next, logical level: celebrity. And it works perfectly, complete with substance abuse, egomania, groupies, and other ills we've come to associate with entertainers and athletes. Kudos also to Mike Allred for his endearing, attractive retro art style." -CaptainComics.net

"Seeing relatively strait forward, almost traditional super-heroic action poses from a team of covert killers is a strange dichotomy that really works for the book. Milligan and Allred had already hooked me up with the previous two issues, full of laughs and intriguing themes. With the addition of stronger character dynamics, they've made me love the book even more. I can see a day in the near future when X-FORCE will be one of my top five books." -Snap Judgements

"X-FORCE is the perfect thing for someone who has never read, and never thought they would read, an X-book." -ComicBookGalaxy.com

"A few books have touched on it here and there, but this is the best execution of the concept of superheroes as media stars that I've seen to date... If you've never read a single issue of a Marvel comic, you can easily hop into this book. So don't be afraid to try it, particularly if you like both Vertigo comics and super-hero comics." -ComicBookResources.com

"Milligan and Allred have taken this book into an insanely kooked-out place. Basically, we are now in a world where superheroes are as cynical as they are media-savvy. It's sorta like that movie The Specials, only with way more blood, guts, and sex... (and) I want a Doop action figure!" -IGN.com

"The coolest Marvel comic I've read in a while is the new X-FORCE. This book is a blast... home to in fighting, personality clashes, racial stereotyping, and a high mortality rate. As written by Peter Milligan, it's a juicytreat." -PopImage.com

"X-FORCE is now the most talked-about book in all comicdom. The debut Milligan/Allred offering sold out nationwide in one week. Once again, the Quesada-era Marvel takes a risk and it pays off in a big way." -Wizard

And it's not only industry pundits who are giving the new X-FORCE the big Thumbs-Up. In fact, here's what some of today's top creators had to say:

"Milligan and Allred have delivered the best work of their careers to date -- which is saying a lot. If you're not reading this book, you're not just missing out on a great comic book; you're ignoring one of the most well-observed scholarly analysis of media-manipulation filtered through a pop-culture lens ever committed to the page." -Kevin Smith

"Fusing pop culture awareness with an innovative dose of reality, X-FORCE is not what super heroes could be, it's what they would be." -John Cassaday

"A home run... perfect storytelling." -Brian Michael Bendis

"The new X-FORCE is pretty razzle-dazzle stuff! Mike Allred draws like a mad man -- pun intended!" -Peter Bagge

"Of all the X-books I've ever read, this one's my personal favorite. Story and art, idea and execution, everything about this book appeals to me."-Frank Quitely

"The coolest X-book ever made. Allred's art has never been better. It's as if EC had done a super hero comic." -Darwyn Cooke

"Allred and Milligan have given X-FORCE a much needed face-lift with their re-imagined take on the mutant comic. The book is appears cutting edge and timeless at the same time, but be prepared, True Believers, this ain't your Daddy's X-FORCE!" -J. Scott Campbell

"X-FORCE" is to super hero comics what Citizen Kane is to The Girl From Ipanema." -Bill Sienkiewicz

"This is what you get when you put super heroes in the wrong hands. I love it." -Brian Azzarello

If you want to join the party, you can pick up X-FORCE #118 (on sale now), grab the X-FORCE: NEW BEGINNINGS trade paperback (on sale October 31st), and surf on over to marvel.com.

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager (and #1 Doop Fan)

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