X-Force: Stryfe Forms a Familiar Looking X-Men Team

X-Force nemesis Stryfe has his sights set on Kid Cable, and he's bringing some heavy-hitter backup along with him.

Marvel's May 2019 solicitations reveal the cover to X-Force #7, featuring Stryfe standing alongside what looks like future or alternate versions of the X-Men members Storm, Gambit and Rusty Collins. With them is Rachel Grey, who is still in her Hound persona following the conclusion of the X-Men event, Extermination.

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This version of Storm is still rocking her buzzcut mohawk and has three slash marks over her left eye. Also, Gambit is wearing his classic purple top but retires the trenchcoat for a large scarf. His long brown hair is gone, replaced with gray hair and a shorter haircut with a matching beard. Finally, the fire mutant is possibly Rusty Collins, who has a history with members of X-Force from their days in the New Mutants.

Stryfe is the former leader of the Mutant Liberation Front, though a different iteration of the team debuted during the Uncanny X-Men weekly story arc, "Disassembled." Whatever this new team is called, they look to have gotten the best of Kid Cable, Deathlok and Warpath.

May's X-Force #7-8 solicitations and cover can be found below:


  • Cover by PEPE LARRAZ
  • • Stryfe comes face-to-face with Kid Cable!
  • • But which side will X-Force stand with?
  • 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99


  • Cover by PEPE LARRAZ
  • • X-Force is trapped in the future!
  • • But what kind of future is it?
  • 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

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