X-Force Will Be Released Before Deadpool 3 - If It Still Happens

Deadpool 2 X-Force

During a recent interview for their upcoming Youtube series Wayne, Deadpool 2 screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick confirmed that Fox's tentative plan is for Drew Goddard's X-Force to release before Deadpool 3.

"According to the chronology that we've established, X-Force will be next, before Deadpool 3," Reese told ScreenRant. "It's a bit of the 'Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3' model, in that sense. X-Force isn't being written by us. It's being written and directed by Drew Goddard, or at least that's the plan right now. We're not involved with that one."

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Rheese's comments follow a recent report that suggests Fox may cancel all of their upcoming Marvel projects, which include X-Force, a solo Gambit film starring Channing Tatum and a solo Doctor Doom film. This would be a result of Disney's acquisition of Fox's key assets, which is expected to close March. Nevertheless, Rheese and Wernick are both optimistic that the third Deadpool film will still happen.

"We do anticipate there will be a Deadpool 3 at some point, but it's just a little premature," Rheese said.

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"We're constantly in touch with Ryan [Reynolds]," Wernick added. "And we're always throwing ideas back and forth via text and phone conversations. So it's always at the front of our minds. We'll get there when the time is right."

All ten episodes of Wayne, starring Ciara Bravo, Joshua J. Williams, Jamie Champagne, Jon Champagne and Dean Winters, are available now on YouTube Premium. Rheese and Wernick's next project, a sequel to the 2009 zombie comedy Zombieland, will reportedly start shooting in January.

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