X-Force Artist Shares the Team's New Costume Designs

With Marvel's new X-Force series set to reunite the team's original members this December, series artist Dylan Burnett has taken to Twitter to show off their new uniforms.

The images released by Burnett feature OG X-Force members Shatterstar, Domino, Cannonball and Warpath wearing their sleek new gear. The style of each member's respective uniform has seemingly been customized to their liking, but all carry the same black, gray, white and orange color scheme, as well as the all-important "X" symbol. Kid Cable and Deathlok also sport their own versions of the new X-Force look.

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Following the events of Extermination, which reunited the original X-Men team, X-Force will feature a reunion of its own, as the group's inaugural members make it their mission to take down whoever is responsible for the murder of Cable. When their target ends up being a younger version of the person they are trying to avenge, however, things get complicated, resulting in the X-Force having to join forces with Kid Cable and Deathlok in order to clear their own names. Luckily for those two, they even got some new duds out of the deal.

Written by Ed Brisson with art by Dylan Burnett, X-Force #1 hits comic shops on December 26.

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