X-Force: 10 Members We Need To See In Film (And 10 We Hope Never Make It)

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It's official: when Deadpool returns to the big screen for Deadpool 2, he will not be alone. In fact, DP's latest cinematic outing looks to lay the groundwork for the most popular X-team of the'90s, X-Force! Spinning out of the pages of New Mutants, X-Force was designed as a more militant approach to fighting the enemies of mutant-kind. But with the team now making the jump to movies, the question becomes just who is going to make the roster. Deadpool 2 has established that the initial team will be composed of Deadpool, Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Surge and Zeitgeist, but fan debate is raging on who will join up in the inevitable X-Force movie.

Plenty of heroes have joined X-Force over the years, with some becoming long-term members, and some characters lasting only a single mission. But with such a wealth of characters to pull from, the inevitable debate on who should and shouldn't join has really started to pick up steam. Thankfully, CBR is here to look back at X-Force's sizeable list of members and cherry pick who would be perfect for DP's crew, and who would be better suited being left behind. These are 10 X-Force members we would love to see in film (and 10 we hope stay far, far away)!

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Much like Psylocke, Warpath and Sunspot, Angel is one of those characters that just can't seem to catch a break on the silver screen. Initially given a starring role in the critically panned X-Men: The Last Stand, Warren Worthington III would return in X-Men: Apocalypse, achieving his Archangel form thanks to Apocalypse, only to get knocked out and written off as "useless." Despite a dedicated fan following, Angel has yet to receive the movie adaption he deserves.

X-Force would not be the place to redeem Archangel.

As one of the OG X-Men, Worthington has been fighting the forces of evil since 1963. Over the years, he has struggled with the duality of his Angel and Archangel personas, flipping between loving friend and bloodthirsty killer at the flick of a switch. In the comics, Worthington joined X-Force while grappling with the return of his Archangel persona, initially aiding the team before ultimately being overtaken by the Archangel personality and becoming "Dark Angel," during which he nearly destroyed humanity. While Angel has since reverted to his good-natured ways, the threat of Archangel returning is ever looming. As a result, while Worthington is a guy with plenty of personality, the dark and convoluted history of the character would make Archangel a poor fit in a more jokey X-Force.


Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball, has been around for quite some time. Since debuting as a member of the New Mutants in 1982, Cannonball has spent his time fighting evil and saving the planet as a member of teams ranging from the X-Treme X-Men to the Avengers. Despite his long and storied career in superheroics, as well as his ability to fly at supersonic speeds while basically becoming invulnerable to damage, Guthrie remains a down-to-Earth country boy, living his life truthfully and honestly. And as one of the OG members of X-Force, we'd love to see him join the silver screen version of the team.

Yes, Cannonball is set to appear in Fox's troubled New Mutants film, where he will be portrayed by Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things fame, but we're holding out hope that the rocketing redneck will eventually make the jump to X-Force. Not only has Cannonball established himself as a strong, dependable hero, making him a perfect anchor for Deadpool's sure-to-be-crazy interpretation of X-Force, but this team could use Cannonball's power set. After all, Deadpool's guns and katanas are all well and good, but having a guy that could literally fly someone into space? That could prove useful.


Elixir X-Force

On paper, it sounds like Josh Foley, aka Elixir, got pretty lucky in the wacky lottery that is mutation; after all, this is a guy that can cure any illness or injury with a simple touch. But Elixir isn't just a walking mutant first aid kit; while Elixir can heal, he can also harm. Yes, Elixir can actually manipulate the body at a genetic level, allowing the teenage mutant to wreak havoc, healing with one hand, while planting a deadly tumor with the other. Sure, it's an interesting power, but we don't think "can touch you and give you cancer" is the kind of superpower that translates well to a franchise like Deadpool.

Debuting in New Mutants #5 in 2003, Foley was a spoiled kid with an anti-mutant streak a mile long, only to ultimately develop powers of his own, forcing the now ostracized teen to seek guidance with the X-Men. While Elixir initially only uses his powers to heal, he soon discovers that he can harm, but finds that using his powers negatively causes his normally-golden skin to turn jet black. Elixir would lend his powers to X-Force, killing a target with a brain tumor. Yes, Elixir is certainly a versatile X-character with plenty of depth, but Fox would be wise to keep the guy that gives people tumors far, far away from the R-rated comedy X-Force.


Doctor Nemesis

Imagine, if you will, a character that is one part X-Men, one part Johnny Quest-style action scientist, and all parts unhinged. This is Doctor Nemesis in a nutshell. As the X-Men's resident scientist of violence, James Bradley is always eager to throw himself into any fray to shoot, stab, and generally maim any threat he can in the name of scientific advancement. Doctor Nemesis is Marvel's shootiest, punchiest, and downright snarkiest scientist, and we are dying to see him join the big screen X-Force.

Doc Nemesis has wrangled a flying hammerhead shark, fought zombies, and even become infested with a tentacled brain parasite.

Debuting all the way back in 1941, Doctor Nemesis had an eventful career punching super-nazis and saving the world long before the X-Men entered the picture. In pursuit of new endeavors to expand his scientific understanding, Bradley agreed to help the X-Men in seeking a fix to Scarlet Witch's decimation of half of the mutant population. Over time, the not-so-good doctor would become a valued X-Men associate, eventually joining teams such the X-Club and X-Force. Across his many adventures with Marvel's merry mutants, Doc Nemesis has wrangled a flying hammerhead shark, fought zombies, and even become infested with a tentacled brain parasite. Nemsis' special brand of madness in the name of science would make a perfect fit for Deadpool's X-Force, leaving us hopeful that the fedora-sporting adventurer makes the jump to the big screen.


There have been plenty of different, out-there, just plain weird characters to grace the pages of Marvel comics over the years. Despite the inherent strangeness of characters such as Rocket Raccoon and Dr. Strange, these characters have been able to successfully make the jump to the big screen, finding box office success along the way. But there are some characters that are just so inherently bizarre that there is simply no way to give them the cinematic treatment. Case in point: former X-Force member Fantomex.

Fantomex, or Charlie-Cluster 7, or Jean-Phillipe, or Weapon XIII, or whatever he's going by this week, is a whole lot to unpack. Grown by the Weapon Plus Program in a massive lab designated "The World," Fantomex was designed by his creators to resemble a Saturday morning cartoon character, which would make Fantomex more media-friendly as he undertook the mission he was created for: hunting and annihilating mutants. Upon escape from Weapon Plus, Jean-Phillipe took on the persona of a debonair French thief, traveling the world on adventures. Also, he has three brains, his mutation manifested as his nervous system leaving his body and becoming sentient, and he uses said sentient nervous system as a space ship. Fantomex briefly ran with Wolverine's black ops X-Force, helping the team to stop Dark Angel from wiping out humanity. Fantomex is an interesting, layered character with a strong fan following, but he has way too much going on to make a clean jump to the big screen.



Hepzibah, or as you might better know her, "that furry lady that isn't Wolfsbane," has been popping up in X-books since 1977. An intergalactic adventurer, this space-faring cat-skunk woman has traveled the galaxy and has become a trusted X-Men ally. As a Starjammer, Hepzibah bumped uglies with Cyclops' Dad and generally did space pirate things, but we're more interested in her run with X-Force. Despite being a generally overlooked member of the team, we would love to see Hepzibah join DP's X-Force.

A member of the Mephitisoid species, Hepzibah is a tough-as-nails cat lady from beyond the stars. Initially encountering the X-Men when the Merry Mutants found themselves in the crosshairs of the villainous D'Ken and his Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Hepzibah and the rest of the Starjammers would become dependable allies of the X-Men through the years. Never one to shy away from a scrap, Hepzibah would join the X-Men when stranded on Earth, and would later become a member of a black-ops incarnation of X-Force. A formidable fighter, Hepzibah's skills with her claws would work well with Deadpool's shoot-and-stab-happy incarnation of X-Force. This intergalactic skunk-cat might be weird, but when your cinematic X-Force already has the ponytail that is Shatterstar, Hepzibah should fit right in with all the other misfits and weirdos.


E.V.A. X-Force

With the rise of the superhero movie at the box office, the general public has become more accepting to out-there characters. After all, there was a time when Batman and Superman reigned supreme in theaters; these days, people are flocking to the movies to watch a talking raccoon with a gun and a guy who can shrink. However, there is a limit to the level of weird that the general public can accept, and E.V.A. is far, far past that line.

E.V.A. is a sentient spaceship that is also a robot-lady that is also the mutation of the debonair mutant Fantomex, which is to say that E.V.A. is a big pile of weird.

Spawned from Fantomex as a physical manifestation of the mutant's nervous system, E.V.A. functioned as transportation for Fantomex, taking the form of a massive orb surrounded by rings. When needed, E.V.A. can transform into a more human-form, becoming a robotic woman. Ever the partner of Fantomex, E.V.A. would follow the mutant wherever he went, joining X-Force alongside Fantomex when the former was recruited into the black ops team by Wolverine. E.V.A. is certainly one of X-Force's more unusual members, but the pure gymnastics it would take to explain this character to a casual movie-going audience would be ridiculous. As such, E.V.A. might just be a little too weird for X-Force, and Fox would be wise to leave this sentient spaceship alone.


Rictor X-Factor

Ah, Rictor. What a long, strange trip this cult favorite X-character has taken. Starting his superheroics career as a member of X-Factor, Rictor would fall in love with mutant werewolf Wolfsbane, join X-Force, leave X-Force, join the New Mutants, leave the New Mutants, join a mutant detective agency headed by Jamie Madrox, come out as gay, lose his powers, briefly loses his mind, fight a pimp, and ultimately gains back his powers and his sanity. Yes, this earthquake-generating mutant has certainly been around the block, and through it all, he's remained a beloved X-character, and we would love to see Rictor make the jump to the big screen.

Debuting back in 1987, Julio Esteban "Ric" Richter was initially an average mutant joe, captured by an anti-mutant organization that forced Rictor to use his seismic-generating powers to attack San Francisco. Upon rescue, Rictor would join up with X-Factor, leading to a long career with Marvel's Merry Mutants. Perhaps Rictor's most famous stint was as a member of the OG X-Force, where the hero would trade punches with the likes of Gideon and Stryfe. Despite his career as a C-grade X-character, Rictor possesses an impressive power set, and the character would be a perfect fit for X-Force and Fox's burgeoning retooled cinematic X-universe.


Pete Wisdom

The character Pete Wisdom was likely born from a simple question: "What if James Bond was a mutant, and also mostly forgettable?" From this burning question that someone possibly asked at one time maybe came Pete Wisdom, agent for the Queen, occasional X-Men ally, and all around obscure, rarely used character. Sure, since debuting in 1995, Wisdom has certainly made the rounds through the Marvel universe, popping up in a variety of teams, but readers aren't exactly clamoring for this Bond knock-off.

Created by acclaimed comic writer Warren Ellis, Wisdom is a mutant that has worked for both MI-6 and MI-13, using his mutant ability for create "hot knives" from his fingers to aid Queen and country. Over the years, Wisdom has rubbed shoulders with Captain Britain as a member of New Excalibur, he's fought Dracula on the Moon, and he's even joined up with X-Force to fight Magneto. A perennial X-ally, Wisdom has become the X-Men's go-to suave secret agent. Still, despite a brief solo run in Marvel's MAX line, Wisdom has never been a character to command a spotlight, better suited to be used as a side character than in a featured role. Wisdom is by no means a bad character, but he might not be a good fit here... well, provided that the "Peter" we see recruited in Deadpool 2 isn't already secretly this character.


Poor Psylocke. Despite enjoying a storied career as one of the most beloved members of the X-Men, Psylocke's brushes with cinema have been less than ideal. Initially appearing in the widely panned X-Men: The Last Stand in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it bad guy cameo, Psylocke would appear again in X-Men: Apocalypse, where the character would be portrayed by Olivia Munn. Despite strong casting, Psylocke was once again relegated to a small role, serving as one of the less memorable Horsemen for main baddie Apocalypse. With legions of devoted fans clamoring for Psylocke to receive a proper cinematic adaptation, it's the perfect time for this one-time X-Force member to join up with Deadpool and friends.

Despite her oddball origins, Braddock has cemented herself as one of the most prominent mutants.

Initially appearing as the twin sister of UK superhero Captain Britain in 1976's Captain Britain #8, Betsy Braddock would manifest mutant powers and join the X-Men in 1986. Gifted with telepathy and telekinesis, along with a nifty "psychic knife," Psylocke is also a world-class martial artist, thanks in part to Braddock having her mind placed in the body of the ninja Kwannon (comics, everybody!). Despite her oddball origins, Braddock has cemented herself as one of the most prominent mutants, having served in the X-Men and a number of related X-teams, including Wolverine's black-ops X-Force. Just as comfortable aiding the X-Men as she is taking names with X-Force, we're dying to see Psylocke get a proper movie appearance, and X-Force would be the perfect place for it to happen.


Feral X-Force

You might be wondering how Hepzibah made the "put her in the movie" list, while Feral is relegated to the "stay away from the movie" list. After all, both are cat ladies, and both have joined X-Force at one point. But the answer is simple: Feral, at her core, is just not a very interesting character. Also, we can't support bringing a cat woman in overly-revealing clothes with Wolverine hair to the big screen, no matter what kind of history the character has. As a result, we think Feral should probably sit this movie out.

Feral made her debut back in 1991 in New Mutants #99, quickly making the jump to X-Force after being rescued from the Morlocks by he-of-pouches-and-giant-guns, Cable. As a member of X-Force, Feral took part in many battles, taking on the likes of the Mutant Liberation Front and Sauron. After leaving X-Force, Feral would pinball between good and evil, at times helping the X-Men, other times threatening to rip the baby out of a pregnant Wolfsbane. But all the same, Feral was soundly relegated to D-grade X-character status, rarely appearing and not making much of an impact when she did.



Psylocke isn't the only member of the X-Men to get the short end of the stick when it came time to jump to the silver screen. In fact, before Fox cleaned shop with X-Men: First Class, the X-Men cinematic universe was positively brimming with crummy interpretations of classic characters. But Robert da Costa, aka Sunspot, wasn't saved by Fox's soft reboot of the X-franchise; in fact, Sunspot wasn't introduced until 2014's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Of course, you'd be forgiven if you forgot da Costa was in the film, as this version of the solar-powered mutant was remarkably bland. But Sunspot is far too cool of a character to settle for a glorified walk-on cameo; in fact, we think Sunspot should join the X-Force roster.

Hailing from Brazil, Robert da Costa has the mutant ability to absorb and channel solar power, allowing the hero to take on a jet black solar powered form. As an original member of the New Mutants, da Costa functioned as the easy-going, fun-loving heart of the team, becoming an integral part of the teen team. When the New Mutants re-branded to X-Force under Cable's leadership, Sunspot departed the team, leading to a long career of heroics, including stints in the Avengers, as well as devoting time to serving as leader of the Hellfire Club and the new CEO of A.I.M. Always quick with a wisecrack, Sunspot would be a perfect fit for Deadpool's X-Force.



Cypher is one of those characters that can either be remarkably cool or ridiculously lame, and it all depends on the writer's approach to the character. After all, if Doug Ramsey's mutant ability to understand all languages is approached in a unique way, proposing the character can basically do anything because all movement is "language," this makes Cypher an OP top-tier X-Man. But if the writer just opts to use Cypher as a human version of Google Translate, well, you got yourself one boring character. It is for this reason the X-Force movie should definitely steer clear of Cypher.

When your whole shtick is "can speak any language," it doesn't make for the most interesting hero.

Debuting in 1984, Ramsey served as a long time member of the New Mutants, striking up a lifelong friendship with the techno-organic alien lifeform known as Warlock. Cypher and Warlock would eventually merge, forming "Douglock," but the two would later separate, presumably when Marvel's editors realized how silly "Douglock" sounded. Over the years, Cypher would briefly join X-Force, before jumping ship to X-Factor. Yes, Warlock is certainly a character with potential, but when your whole shtick is "can speak any language," it doesn't make for the most interesting hero. As a result, we think Cypher should stay far, far away from Deadpool's X-Force.


Warpath X-Force

The march of merry mutants murdered by movie adaption continues! Much like the solar-powered Sunspot, the knife-wielding Warpath made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, only to have a couple lines and die in battle. Since debuting all the way back in 1984, James Proudstar has amassed a cult following, popping up over the years in a variety of X-teams due to fan demand. While Warpath may not be the best known X-character around, this Apache mutant is begging for redemption on the silver screen, and we think Warpath could find redemption as a member of X-Force.

Imbued with superhuman strength, agility, and reflexes, Proudstar initially joined a then-villainous Emma Frost on her Hellions squad, seeking revenge on the X-Men over the death of his brother, the former X-Men member Thunderbird. Warpath would eventually join the forces of good, becoming a member of the New Mutants before upgrading to the main X-Men roster. Renowned for his dedication and brutality, Warpath would later be recruited to join Wolverine's black ops X-Force, embarking upon many a bloody mission. A serious man, Warpath would be the perfect foil for Deadpool, and his skills with knives would give DP and his katanas a run for their money. Sure, there are funnier X-Force members, but we think Warpath would be a perfect addition.


Boom Boom X-Force

Boom Boom. Time Bomb. Boomer. Meltdown. Tabitha Smith has gone through more codenames than Taylor Swift has gone through boyfriends. Whatever name you know her by, odds are you're familiar with this explosive orb-hurling X-character. Starting her career as a white trash kleptomaniac, Boom Boom has grown into a capable, dependable hero, even if her personality is more than a little volatile. An explosive-slinging mutant who's a little off-kilter? Yeah, this is a character begging to join X-Force.

Debuting back in 1995, Tabitha was looking to shake off her history of petty crime to become a bonafide hero, and the Virginia native would find redemption as a member of the New Mutants. Tabitha's claim to fame is that she has served on three separate incarnations of X-Force, becoming a long-term member of the OG team under Cable, going on to serve as a member of the first black ops incarnation of X-Force under the guidance of Peter Wisdom, and then finally returning to the team she helped found by joining Cable's latest incarnation of X-Force. Like Deadpool, Boom Boom definitely has more than a few screws loose, and her love of explosions would be problematic for other teams. However, for a crazy team like X-Force, Boom Boom's appetite for destruction makes her a perfect fit. Make it happen, Marvel!


While every other character on this list would be making their debut into the Deadpool universe, this former X-Man has actually already crossed paths with the Merc with a Mouth. We are referring, of course, to Marrow, everyone's favorite pink-haired, bone-growing mutant. In fact, in Deadpool, Wade Wilson passes a young woman in the Weapon X lab sporting multiple bones jutting from her back. While the movie never confirms that this unlucky soul is actually Marrow, X-Force would be the perfect place to make this fan theory a reality.

Marrow is a prime X-Force candidate!

Sarah debuted in 1994, lending her peculiar mutation to the cause of the X-Men, later joining the team in an official capacity as a member. Marrow briefly flirted with the dark side, leading a mutant rights terrorist organization dubbed Gene Nation and joining the anti-human X-Cell, but she would eventually rejoin the side of good, becoming a member of Cable's X-Force. A tragic character with a dark past, Marrow is a stark contrast to the motormouthed Deadpool. Every comedic hero needs a straight man, so why not make your straight man a bone-throwing butt kicker?


There are few things in this universe on which we can all agree. Heck, even the once dependable statement of "water is wet" is now up for debate on the internet. (For clarification, water is absolutely wet. Deal with it.) But there is one statement that we can all agree on: Forge is lame. Yes, Forge has run with the X-Men since 1984, and the mutant hero has helped the X-teams in plenty of scraps. But Forge is uninteresting apart from his sweet 'stache, and not even a run on the silver screen with X-Force could make this character interesting.

With the mutant ability to, uh, build stuff, Forge has functioned as the X-Men's resident tech guy, lending his expertise to build weapons and upgrade the X-Mansion over the years. Ever the background character, Forge has made the rounds through the various X-teams, serving on the X-Men, leading a government-sanctioned incarnation of X-Factor, and even joining up with X-Force. Despite Forge's storied career, the character has remained the glorified IT guy for the X-Men, while his peers have developed personalities and grown as characters. Sure, Forge might have some hardcore fans lurking about, but no one is clamoring for him to make the jump to the big screen.


adam x

Adam-X The X-Treme is so ludicrously '90s, he's like if a can of Surge and a tube of Pogs had a baby. Once trumpeted as the next big thing in comics, Adam-X quickly became the laughing stock of Marvel readers everywhere. Clad in spikes-a-plenty, an eye-rolling soul patch, a backwards baseball hat, and the worst white guy dreads this side of a 311 concert, Adam-X is ridiculous from top to bottom. But for once, the laughable nature of Adam-X is a positive; this is a character so silly, so dumb, he was practically made to be mocked in a Deadpool movie!

Adam-X, debuted in the pages of X-Force in 1992. A mysterious visitor from beyond the stars, this Shi'ar/Human hybrid mutant briefly served as an ally and honorary member of X-Force, helping the team to battle the Shi'ar. While big plans were made for Adam-X, including a hanging plot thread that hinted Adam was the mysterious third Summers brother, he was quickly dumped when fans turned on the character. In recent years, Adam-X has made sparse appearances as a comedy character, kept around to mock for his lame '90s ways. It is those '90s ways that make Adam-X a perfect addition for Deadpool's team. Get this man and his awful soul patch into X-Force!



You may not know the name Caliban, but you've definitely seen this sleet-grey face before. Formerly a D-grade X-Men ally, Caliban's star rose significantly after the character appeared in the critically-acclaimed Logan, where the character was retooled into a former mutant hunter racked with guilt that joined up with Wolverine as penance. Portrayed by British funnyman Stephen Merchant, this interpretation of the character was a vast departure from the Caliban of the comics, but Merchant's wonderful performance gave the mutant previously unseen levels of gravitas. It is for this reason we want former X-Force member Caliban to stay far, far away from Deadpool and crew.

Caliban popping up in X-Force would be a monumental misstep, having been given a proper send-off in one of the best superhero films ever made.

Since debuting in 1981, Caliban has stayed busy, serving as a member of X-Factor, being turned into one of Apocalypses' Horsemen, and even joining up with a Cable-led X-Force. During his tenure with the team, Caliban helped them fight the repugnant Mojo and even played a vital role in the battle against Mister Sinister. While certainly one of the more obscure members of X-Force, Caliban ultimately proved himself to be an important member of the team. And while we're all in favor of seeing more cross-pollination among Fox's X-Men films, having Caliban pop up in X-Force would be a monumental misstep; after all, this is a character that suffered, was redeemed, and was given a proper send off in one of the grimmest superhero films ever made. Fox would be wise not to sully Caliban's Logan starring role by bringing the character into the jokey X-Force.


ForgetMeNot X-Force

You'd be forgiven for forgetting about this mutant. In fact, being forgotten is his whole deal! Yes, there have been plenty of characters to grace the pages of X-Men over the years that got the short end of the stick in the mutant powers department, but ForgetMeNot's uncanny ability to be completely forgotten definitely takes the cake. Problem is, we just can't see the superhero equivalent of Ann from Arrested Development translating well to X-Force, and that's why we would advise Fox to stay far, far away from this character.

Debuting in X-Men: Legacy #300, ForgetMeNot was presented as a longtime X-Man, having joined the team nearly six years ago. ForgetMeNot helped the team fight the fearsome Brood, defeated the Supersentinel, and tagged along on many an adventure, but, due to his mutant ability to be instantly forgotten, no one on the team remembered him being there. ForgetMeNot would later join X-Force after the Cable-led team found themselves hunting for a man they couldn't even remember, leading to plenty of wackiness. Ultimately, ForgetMeNot's unfortunate mutant power proved his downfall, as ForgetMeNot would die in battle, leaving maintenance robots to identify his corpse as trash, unceremoniously cleaning his body up. ForgetMeNot is a fun character, but we just don't see a hero whose whole shtick is "I forgot he existed" translating well to Deadpool's stabby, shooty X-Force.

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