The 10 Least Heroic Things That X-Force Has Ever Done

After Jonathan Hickman's current House of X and Powers of X series altered the landscape of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe, six new X-titles will be releasing under the "Dawn of X" launch that will carry the X-Men's stories for the next few years.

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X-Force was one of the most successful X-spin-offs ever released, so it's no surprise they will be getting a new series in the Dawn of X, but does the strike force deserve a new series? We'll be taking a look at some of the dark history of X-Force that the new series will have to overcome to prove they are still on the side of the angels.

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Now, the X-Force name has been used by quite a few teams over the years, with some teams having minimal connections to the previous iterations. The team that became known as X-Statix started out calling themselves X-Force after the apparent death of the original team.

The first grouping of this new X-Force was killed off in a planned stunt gone wrong, set up by the leader of the team and their manager for the publicity. All but two members of the first team were killed, then the team was restaffed, rebranded as X-Statix, and thrust back into the public limelight.


As X-Force is often dealing with the nastier side of mutant affairs, it stands to reason that they often find themselves faced with difficult choices. This means that on two separate occasions (at least), X-Force has decided to tactically eliminate entire areas full of infected humans.

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During Warren Ellis' Counter-X reboot of X-Force, Pete Wisdom's team is forced to wipe a science bunker off the map to obliterate the results of human experimentation. At least when Cable and X-Force encountered a similar tainted factory they tried to cure the people first, though they ended up making it incurably worse. Full-scale eradication, take two.


Following the events of Messiah Complex, Cyclops re-purposed a team of hunters he had put together during the event to be his new X-Force, led by Wolverine. This team was tasked with stopping threats to mutantkind before they happen, by any means necessary.

This version of X-Force did just that, usually by murdering anti-mutant leaders like the Purifiers' Matthew Risman or the Leper Queen and her Sapien League. While the actual killings did technically help out the mutant race and head off disastrous events, there is a reason the team was Cyclops' dirty little secret.


Of course, after Second Coming brought X-Force's existence out into the open, Cyclops disbanded the team. Wolverine the proceeded to assemble a new one and carried on with X-Force's mission of taking out threats before they reach the X-Men. The new team set their sights on Apocalypse.

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Unfortunately, Apocalypse had been cloned and was now just a child, though still being molded by Apocalypse's Horsemen. New team member Fantomex decided to kill the young Apocalypse despite his team's misgivings, though he would clone the child and raise young Evan on his own, away from the followers of Apocalypse.


Okay, so X-Force didn't exactly help Archangel's transformation into Dark Angel, but they certainly didn't hinder it. Archangel had steadily become more unbalanced throughout the team's missions, resulting in Psylocke needing to be on the team to help control Archangel's dark personality.

The obvious choice would be to remove him from the team and avoid these situations, but he was too useful to X-Force. So, when the opportunity came to "save" Warren, they decided to trust the Dark Beast of the Age of Apocalypse, who obviously betrayed them and began Archangel's ascension into the new Apocalypse, Dark Angel.


Psylocke was both a member and a leader of the Uncanny X-Force, but she has a long history in the Marvel Universe outside of her connection to the X-Men. She was born as Betsy Braddock, and her older brothers were Brian and Jamie Braddock. Brian was also the Omniversal hero known as Captain Britain, a role Psylocke even held once, briefly.

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When a demon that was attacking the Captain Britain Corps was revealed to be a future version of Betsy and Brian's reality-warping brother Jamie, Psylocke took control of her brother's body and killed their overpowered brother before he could turn into the powerful demonic threat.


During the Dark Angel Saga, X-Force received assistance from the X-Men from the Age of Apocalypse reality, as Dark Angel and Dark Beast had enlisted a couple of traitorous members of the AoA team. AoA Nightcrawler remained with X-Force when the rest of the AoA X-Men returned to their reality, in order to take revenge on his former teammates.

Robert Drake from the AoA reality is not the same Iceman who helped found the 616 X-Men. AoA Iceman was a battle-hardened murderer who had mastered the use of his Omega-level abilities but vowed to never return to the AoA. X-Force worked alongside Nightcrawler to kill Iceman, though it was Kurt alone who did the final deed.


When Wolverine's son Daken put together a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, he set about systematically taking out X-Force and their base of operations, including the X-Men's long-time ally and teleporter, Gateway. With his dying breath, Gateway sent X-Force into the future to save them from the Brotherhood.

However, in that future, the team saw the cost of their mission to eradicate threats before they happened. In this future world, X-Force were despotic rulers who even killed innocents that may have had the potential to become criminals. The older X-Force sent the original team back in time, hoping they would make the same decisions that led them to their "peaceful" future.


Daken's Brotherhood were not nice people, considering they had previously tortured and killed Fantomex and attempted to kill X-Force. This iteration of the Brotherhood featured Sabretooth, Mystique, the Skinless Man, Shadow King, Blob from the AoA, and the Omega Family, who were clones of Omega Red with a deep-seated but misguided hatred for the members of X-Force.

It's the motivations behind Daken's formation of the Brotherhood that really leave a non-heroic taste in the mouth. While they were also attempting to bring about the ascension of Apocalypse, Daken's goal was to reveal the truth about Wolverine and his team to the world, so everyone could see them for the killers they all were.


Wolverine was unfortunately forced to follow his team's mandate to the extreme after X-Force's confrontation with Daken and his Brotherhood. While in the future ruled by X-Force, future Wolverine told Logan that if he didn't kill his son, Daken would murder the children at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

This led to a vicious final confrontation between Daken and Wolverine, who took the advice of his team-mates and his future self and killed his son in one of the only ways you can actually kill someone with a healing factor - drowning. Wolverine held his own son's head down into a puddle until he died, thereby ending any future threat he may have been to the X-Men.

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