New Mutants No More! Explore X-Force's History With Comixology

Movie fans might recognize the name X-Force from the team's brief appearance in Deadpool 2, though that version of the team was not exactly comic accurate. However, the inclusion of X-Force does showcase how popular the team has become since its debut in 1991.

Today we are going to take a look at a few key factions of X-Force that have popped up over the years, which are all available to you for up to 60% off thanks to Comixology's neverending sales. Fans can also join Comixology Unlimited to get some of these titles included with the membership!

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The New Mutants were Professor Xavier's second class of X-Men, though the young students soon found themselves leaderless and dejected from the X-Men's way of life. This is when Cable entered their lives and reorganized Xavier's students into his own strikeforce known as X-Force. The first volume of the Epic Collection features their debut and first few missions alongside Cable.

After a hundred issue run X-Force evolved into something else entirely thanks to Dustin Milligan and Mike Allred, who introduced a new team of reality-show "heroes" when the original members of X-Force disappeared/were presumed dead. That team would eventually become known as X-Statix and continue in their own series after debuting in X-Force.


During the Messiah Complex event, Cyclops found himself in need of a team of mutant hunters led by Wolverine that he dubbed his new X-Force. The team would operate in secret and proactively take out enemies to mutantkind, kicking off a new era of X-Force with Wolverine in charge of the team.

When Cyclops disbanded his squad, Wolverine formed his own team with new members like Deadpool and Fantomex that would turn into the Uncanny X-Force. Wolverine's team is one of the more celebrated runs next to the original line-up of mutant heroes.


The team went through quite a few changes after Wolverine took over, but eventually, Cable would return to the fold and form his own squad after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men. His new team would deal with his prophetic visions and the fallout from AvX as they became wanted fugitives.

After a few more shakeups and the death of Cable at the hands of his younger self, the original line-up of X-Force would reform to go after the killer of their former mentor - Kid Cable, a younger version of the X-Force founder from the future. This would be the last volume and iteration of the team before "Dawn of X" relaunched the title as Krakoa's defense force.

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