"X-Force" Film Could Possibly Get R Rating Following "Deadpool" Success

"I think there are some stories that could be R-rated," said Kinberg when asked if he thought any other X-Men films would get an R. "I don't know what they are; I mean I think the mainline X-Men movies have their own tone, which is a more operatic tone. It's more dramatic, it is more PG-13 in a way. 'X-Force' I could see being R-rated, and who knows?"

When "Deadpool" co-creator Rob Liefeld, who was also in attendance at the Q&A, mentioned that people might take Kinberg's comments as a definitive declaration that "X-Force" would get an R, Kinberg clarified by saying that the film could be rated-R, not would be. "I'm saying I could imagine a universe in which ['X-Force' is R-rated]," added Kinberg.

The current status of "X-Force" is unclear. "Kick-Ass 2" writer/director Jeff Wadlow has been attached to the film since 2013, but updates on the film have been few and far between. In June 2014, "X-Force" co-creator Rob Liefeld said that the announcement of "X-Men: Apocalypse," pushed the film back. However, "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds has recently said that "X-Force" is a "priority" right now. Fox already has a number of X-Men films in the works, including the Channing Tatum-starring "Gambit," the third and final "Wolverine," a "Deadpool" sequel and "New Mutants," which has a completed script.

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